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Default Which US Political Party Favors War?

Which US Political Party Favors War?

Excerpt: For the last century, virtually every war, invasion, and occupation have been given the stamp of approval by Democrats. President Woodrow Wilson dragged the U.S. into one of those wars-to-end-all- wars fiascos. President Harry Truman sent thousands of young men to their deaths in Korea, setting the stage for perpetual global interventionism. President Lyndon Baines Johnson escalated American involvement in Vietnam. The Democratic leadership approved of the Iraq War, and Obama destabilized an entire region, killed American citizens, and intensified the drone bombing campaign.

Outside of Capitol Hill, the predominantly left-leaning mainstream media have never seen a war it didn’t like. In the last two years alone, the vacuous TV commentators have employed the same two strategies: Demand action against Russia (eh, Paul Begala?) and oppose President Trump for using diplomacy and other tactics to institute peace.

So, how exactly is the left anti-war?

Clearly leftists are for war in not only foreign nations but also in their support of ANTIFA and the desire to smash America's borders and allow millions of illegal aliens in to dine on America's social benefit system.

Let's not fool ourselves though... the right; such as the Bush family dynasty also favors war (Desert Storm and the Global War on Terror).

War by America, using our troops to destroy the Middle East and even pull Ukraine into a revolution... this is all fomented not just by democrats and republicans but by those in the parties who are globalists.

This is the point of war... undermine America's image while simultaneously priming other countries for takeover by contractors for a step away from national sovereignty and into a new global order... step-by-step.

America is a pawn in a global game and both parties condone this game.
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