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Exclamation COVID-19, A Medical Emergency - How Are People Being Treated By Authorities Now?

VIDEO: Don't Wear A Mask Then Get Out Of The Store

Excerpt: A security guard at a Target store in Van Nuys suffered a broken arm in an attack by two men who were being escorted out of the business for not having masks, officials said Monday.

- liveleak.com

Concerning wearing a mask in public... I support it. Open up business and wear a mask. The point of the above post... to show the tension between people and mandates by government and corporations. As information is blurred and mandates ratchet up, violence will increase.

VIDEO: Indian Police Use Metal Prong To Grab Human Beings

Excerpt: ...police officers using a bizarre metal contraption to grab dissidents who violate coronavirus social distancing rules.

- zerohedge.com

VIDEO: Robot "Dog" Patrols Park In Singapore To Assess Social Distancing

Excerpt: The robot “lowers the risk of exposure to the virus,” the National Parks Board said.

The pandemic is being called a "new opportunity" for robotmakers to deploy their creations.

- zerohedge.com

The point of these three posts is to show how authoritarian governments across the world are becoming under the guise of Covid-19 and strict enforcement of rules laid down by government in tandem with groups like the CDC and WHO.

People are being massaged into becoming like cattle... to shut-up and be told what to do.

Covid-19 is real but how real are human rights from the invasive surveillance state marching through the park in the form of a robot "dog" to being clamped upon with metal tongs?

What is the end game? Total compliance to all future mandates by government? Will people just fall in line from here on out as they are conditioned to simply accept all rules by government, setting aside the reality of Covid-19 today?

The future looks bleak and that's just how globalists want it... for all to fall in line.
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