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Default American Politicians Behaving Like Powerful Communists

American Politicians Behaving Like Powerful Communists

Excerpt: When Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) apologized this week after he was caught violating his own social-distancing rules to attend a crowded dinner party, he told the public the dinner party was held in “an outdoor restaurant…”

- breitbart.com

First off how do "powerful" communists behave? Let's go back to the Stalin era. When those communists had all power consolidated over people, resources and land it was known that all crops were divided where the powerful got the best produce and the farmers got the left-overs.

The people of this time and era, the worker, also had a small home to live in and the notion of wanting more was labeled as bad, greedy, etc.. Don't be like a "greedy" westerner was the notion.

The people lived in deplorable conditions and to top it off if any of them strayed from the party line other neighbors would tell on them to the local police for being disobedient in thought or behavior.

The powerful communists, the ones who ran society, had beautiful resorts built for them, had fantastic meals and lived in luxury away from the eyes of the populace... just like today.

Today we have Covid-19. Many politicians are mandating that people not gather in groups, don't celebrate thanksgiving, don't travel and don't dine out in groups either.

Times nor people do not change.

The governor of California, Gavin Newsom, attended a large birthday party for a lobbyist at the up-scale French Laundry restaurant in Yountville, just north of Napa Valley.

Not a single participant wore a mask and they did not social distance. These are the actions of tyrants, similar to Stalin. The people must shut up and take it but behind the bushes the politicians are lapping up the life of luxury on the people's tax paying dime in a time of difficulty created by government mandate.

Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the house, was caught going to a salon for a secret haircut when the rules were clear that that was not allowed. She also knew the rules. She didn't care.

What are we not witness too? Is it not tyranny when government makes the people stoop low and the government continues to flaunt itself as untouchable and above the laws?

This type of behavior occurs all the time yet none are ever punished. They simply apologize or lay blame on others for their mistakes. They have become fat, insolent and narcissistic. All of them. Like the perverted Hollywood stars who live in bubbles telling what normal Americans should do, so are the politicians. Overpaid, untalented, non-diplomatic, non-statesman, weak in morality, high on power... this is the globalist way.

Thievery and deception at the highest levels.
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