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Default Critical Race Theory (Caucasian Hate) Being Taught Across Colleges - New Site Tracks

Critical Race Theory (Caucasian Hate) Being Taught Across Colleges - New Site Tracks

Excerpt: A new website called Critical Race Training in Education allows users to quickly access information about more than 230 schools and the ways in which those schools are instituting critical race theory on campus.

Critical race theory holds that whites use their social status or their legal and economic advantages to create or maintain power over people of color.

- dailysignal.com

For several years, at a minimum now, students from elementary school on through university as well as adults at their place of employment have been subjected to classes and teachings on Critical Race Theory.

Critical Race Theory is backed by projects; such as New York Times 1619 Project.

If Critical Race Theory slams western culture as systemic racism and that math is a white-thinking/white-minded tool that has little relevancy to anyone but whites... then the 1619 Project is a way to malign and deceive facts about the history of America and why the free nation was founded.

Real scholars have exposed the 1619 Project for what it is - lies to aid in the destruction of America, freedoms, capitalism. It is utterly a ploy to wreck the nation by infecting the minds of children with Critical Race Theory along with the 1619 Project in order to welcome the new global order of dependency where everyone will be "equal" under a Neo-communist world order.

Today, thanks to the good work of William Jacobson, professor at Cornell Law School, he created Critical Race Training In Education, a website that tracks where this toxic, anti-America diatribe is taught as fact to ignorant kids who don't have a leg to stand on against supposed "educators".

According to the website: CriticalRace.org is a resource for parents and students concerned about how Critical Race Theory, and implementation of Critical Race Training, impacts education. We have compiled the most comprehensive database to empower parents and students.

The beauty here is that this exposes these hateful teachings so that students and parents can be informed of this toxic "wokeness" that is infecting so many. A lie endorsed by so many who instead of applying themselves, learning and working hard... want to tear down and live in a world where they don't have to think or create but only be dependent on a manufactured structure built around their mind. Limited.

The strangely bizarre thing about all this is that it's like a reverse psychology ploy. Make black people believe that they are being suppressed and make white children believe that they are historical suppressors just by being white which enrages the white adults. Think this will create conflict of which will be called racist by black people? The tearing down of America, the homeland, is to be joined in by and if opposed then that is racist. Genius devilry-work going on here.

Wake up.
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