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Default Trans Bodybuilders Now A Sport Class

Trans Bodybuilders Now A Sport Class

Excerpt: When Josey Lynn Davis returned to bodybuilding this year after a 10-year hiatus, there was one big change.

The now 45-year-old had previously competed as a man in the top five in 15 National Physique Committee competitions. In 2017, she came out as a transgender woman.

...the International Association of Trans Bodybuilders and Powerlifters (IATBP), an organization that puts on a competition every October in Atlanta. Not only was Davis the first trans woman to compete, but she also won first place in the women’s bikini division.


Some say and defend that these people are doing nothing wrong. Being trans hurts no one. I disagree.

Changing yourself from one sex to another is a mental illness.

Changing yourself from one sex to another damages one physically and those "professionals" who allow it and advocate it promote this mental illness as if it were an acceptable experiment.

Trans people are known for being mentally unstable.

Trans people don't step up and slam others for allowing children to undergo hormone treatments and sex changes.

Trans people hate on the religious.

Trans people are ruining sports, especially the accomplishments by real, natural, female athletes.

Trans people and their definitions are a prong to dismantle the natural family unit.

I can go on but you get the idea. Logic should rule over people damaging themselves.
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