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Default UK Follows France & Norway To Ban New Gas/Diesel Autos By 2040

UK Follows France & Norway To Ban New Gas/Diesel Autos By 2040

Britain’s government says it will ban the sale of new cars and vans using diesel and gasoline starting in 2040 as authorities move to tackle air pollution.

Gove told the BBC that “there is no alternative to embracing new technology.”


I don't like pollution. I really don't. But there is a lot of science out there about the climate that may be incorrect. I am speaking of the doomsayers of global warming, the seas rising, and communities drowning because of carbon and cow farts.

I bring this up because if science is really based on facts and numbers with no politics involved then why is there a debate? I'll tell you why. Because one side of the argument is lying and fudging the data to push globalization and control upon the masses while the other side is sticking to the data that proves the lying agenda is just that... lies and deception.

Science doesn't argue forever... unless one side is pushing an agenda that is based on lies.

The fact that “there is no alternative to embracing new technology” is even stated proves that there is no room for real debate and that those people pushing this extreme agenda are sheep who follow technology to the point of allowing it to replace them.

There is always an alternative. Not all technology is the answer to every problem. Changing paradigms is not always helpful. The past ways of living in many instances is better than what the "progressive" minds of today offer instead... especially when there is a controlling agenda behind it.
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