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Exclamation The Attack On Meat Within The Green New Deal - Big Gov Knows What's Best?!

The Attack On Meat Within The Green New Deal - Big Gov Knows What's Best?!

Excerpt: In the Green New Deal’s FAQ sheet , there was a section highlighting the differences between achieving “100% clean and renewable” energy and “100% renewable” energy. In the Green New Deal advocates’ view, emissions from “farting cows” are what’s hindering the achievement of a purely clean and renewable energy source.

The argument that cattle contribute significantly to global warming is not 100 percent set in stone. In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that direct greenhouse gas emissions coming from cattle and their manure make up only 2 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

Whether or not meat is healthy or unhealthy is beside the point. The real matter at hand is whether the state should dictate or regulate meat consumption.


As mentioned in the article above, what would the "progressives" do about the cows? Slaughter them all? Millions of them? They already support live birth abortion of human beings so what's several million or more cows?

Doesn't this slaughter fly in the face of their animal rights calling though?

See... they do things that are right in their eyes for the sake of a better world. The problem is that their better world is devoid of true diversity, decent pleasure, making money, owning property, having natural families. The progs are devoid of good life but they are for supporting men having sex with one another, doing drugs, and destroying borders.

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