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Default VIDEO: Black Woman Explains How Words (Racism) Is Easily Overcome

VIDEO: Black Woman Explains How Words (Racism) Is Easily Overcome


If you watched the video you will see that racism... actions and/or words that discriminate based on color/culture/creed/traditions/religion, etc. are easily overcome with the right attitude.

People of all races don't like others for varying reasons (racism) and no one has to like everyone. If we are free, we have the right to be friends with and intimate with who we choose. If we don't prefer Caucasians that's okay. If we don't prefer Africans. That's okay.

As long as you have an attitude of "can-do" then you will be fine. You are above being belittled.

Today racism is the the new class warfare brought about by the communists of old Russia. It's all about dividing people by race in America, the only nation who embraces all races, and making one race jealous about another.

This eloquent speaking lady had a positive attitude and a "can-do" work ethic. Was she held back by people who didn't like her? No.
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