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Default How To Use The Site

1.) The site is separated into five sections:

Welcome Concerned Citizen From Whatever Nation You Call Home

Information Desk

Many Challenges Face Americans & The World


Emergency Preparedness

2.) The largest section, Many Challenges Face Americans & The World is where the main bulk of the research is documented for assessment.

3.) Upon opening a section, e.g. Christianity Being Ruined From Within & Without there will be many titles posted, most recent from top down, that pertain to that overall topic.

4.) Seeing all of the titles, click on one. Within will be data about that title that includes a link to the full story, followed by an italicized excerpt from the story, underneath, commentary and observations will follow and there will often be more links at the bottom to verify the observations in order to prove what is occurring.

5.) There is a "Search" option in the upper right corner of the site. Type in a few words, e.g. Social Credit Score or Robotics and see what comes up. This helps visitors find what they are specifically looking for when pressed for time.

We've made the site simple to navigate for anyone across the world. Please use it as it was created for your benefit. The key is to keep an open mind and compare more than just one set of data points.