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Default Your Digital Identity Will Become Property Of The Government

What I mean by a digital identity is all your records, public and personal plus your social media identity... all of these things that keep us online as who we are on the internet yet stored in a cloud.

When it comes time to exist under one identity online (no more multiple email accounts)... a government sanctioned identity that is akin to an ID card; such as in China today... eventually if you step too far outside the boundaries of acceptable political discourse (or something disagreeable to the politically correct police-types) then your identity will be locked. You won't have access to all of your information in order to do business or even buy a ticket for a train.

This digital identity will become how we live as we move deeper online for everything we need.

Your digital identity will be used against you and can be used to lock you out of society if the authorities deem it necessary. What will the rules be? How much nodding your head "yes" and agreeing with the state will you have to do?
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