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Default Random, Historical Timeline How The System Has Made Citizens More Dependent

Timeline of Random Actions by The System That Made People More Dependent Upon It

What decisions does the system tend to make? Are they decisions that make us freer or more dependent upon the system? The following is an entirely random selection of actions taken by the system that proves, over time, its aim is to make people less independent and more dependent. Facts don’t lie. Systems aren’t accidents.


The first mechanical looms were introduced causing traditional weavers who created hand-made products go out of business or to work in their “master’s” filthy factories.

The other choice could have been some products made by hand/others by mechanical loom. Greed won. Workers were beholden to their “masters”.


War of 1812 mandates first sales tax on gold, silverware, jewelry, watches. In 1862 tax on earners income was mandated for the Civil War effort.

There are other ways to create wealth. Government always chooses taxes, taking wealth away from working people, making them economically weak.


Immigrants had a health assessment, were asked questions, could be detained and had hearings. It was fifty cents per person.

Today millions cross the border. The government does nothing to vet them. Social benefits and the nation’s wealth drains away.

1876, 1886, 1939, 1960

The 2nd Amendment, Right to Bear Arms had been challenged in court and citizens always had the right.

Today “progressives” aim to unarm the populace. This makes people dependent upon a slow police response time.


“Racially charged” was the euphemism reported by the media which aided in the explosion of racial politics.

Today instead of ignoring racists, the media places a spotlight on them to keep the nation divided/distracted.


Easy Rider and many other Hollywood productions depicted drug use as fun and acceptable. The trend continues today.

Imagine how united we could be if Hollywood gave us enlightening stories as opposed to stories of pain, suffering and drug fueled parties?


Publicly owned companies began offshoring. CEO Jack Welch said the company’s allegiance was to the stockholders, not the workers.

This mentality of greed creates unemployment, destroys lives and promotes aggressive globalization. Dependency upon the system is the end result.


Monsanto actively genetically modifying seeds for fruits and veggies. They create a batch that won’t reproduce after one cycle.

Creating seeds that won’t reproduce makes the farmer dependent upon more seed purchases and makes food sources dependent upon Monsanto.


School Based Health Centers begin to offer birth control to high school students without telling parents – confidentiality.

When the system allows children to not tell parents about having sex this undermines moral and parental authority of the parent.


Many states make collecting rain water into a barrel for personal use illegal.

When the system controls natural resources like water then people become dependent upon the system.


Finland is the first nation to offer Universal Basic Income – free money to specific citizens even if they already work.

This is the creation of dependence for people upon government handouts for nothing.


Social Media conglomerates; such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube/Google and others begin to censor libertarian, conservative and right-wing speakers/shows.

This is taking control of the narrative and flow of information/ideas from people, limiting their ability to make informed decisions.
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