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Default Why Was Global Project Created?

First of all, welcome!

DISCLAIMER: Many visitors and researchers may not agree with some or even the majority of evidence, topics or commentary found within this project. It is research and even though it may come from a biased perspective with specific objectives it doesn't mean that the perspective or focus can't change. Facts, evidence and long-term trends are needed to prove bias based upon facts otherwise.

Mission Statement: To showcase past, current and future globalist working groups as well as groups who act within this ideology whether they know it or not.

Vision: To make the world a better place where nations remain sovereign, economically independent, culturally unique and family oriented in order to honor people’s unlimited minds, humanity’s historical timeline, nature’s laws, religions and respect for all homelands. The vision isn’t anti-globalist, it is anti-takeover by forces of many backgrounds aiming to consolidate society’s resources into a central authority wrapped in the term “globalization”.

What is ultimately behind globalproject.is?

Sovereign nations torn by war. Not just declarations of war where soldiers of one nation fight soldiers of another nation because of a land dispute but culture war, war for the mind, war to steer people in a certain direction, war for freedom and independence versus safety and dependence, war for the ability to write, speak and print freely, war over the ability to protect one's family and property, war over taxes, war over religion, war for citizens not being represented versus government who claims to be doing everything correctly and the list can go on.

There is war on the streets, war on our televisions, war within chat rooms and war within our minds. War is everywhere and as the chaos of war grows, pulling our past apart and distorting our current reality... globalproject.is is here to bring it all back together, organize the data and expose the enemy who foments war upon all nations and people across the world.

That is what is behind globalproject.is.

What is globalproject.is?

Globalproject.is was created to track information, data, news, stats, trends and videos pertaining to the current form of globalization and particular extremist groups who push ideologies that mesh with its campaign. In other words contextual intelligence or the ability/willingness to anticipate emerging trends and connect the dots is key.

The layout of the site is such that all information posted can be seen in one long listing, building a data-trend that demonstrates how global ideology is becoming more accepted step-by-step via propaganda, activism, war and funding by globalist entities.

Overall it is a database pertaining to neocons (war-hawks), "progressives" and globalist activism documented for people across the world as an education resource.

What is the overall goal of globalproject.is?

The overall goal is to compile information to support the idea that the current form of globalization and the extremist groups pushing it is not only harmful but designed to harm and dismantle the natural family unit, cultures, traditions, religions and sovereign nations.

The methodology can be compared to the hijacking of capitalism where the top 1% of the population now controls at least 50% of the wealth while the other 99% controls less than that combined. With the unspoken, economic war being won, people are being programmed to give up natural relationships (man and woman), give up their family, give up their tribe, culture, religion and even their nation so that the top 1% can divide and conquer the masses and stamp them as global citizens who will all look and think alike.

Is globalproject.is funded by a large corporation?

No. It is a privately funded, ongoing research project.

Is globalproject.is unbiased in its research?

Narratives, information and statistics can be made up for or against any issue. It's not the goal of this project to make stuff up. People need to look at the larger picture to see what they are accepting as okay simply because it's easier to accept than to stand against. It is in the best interests of all people to keep their identity and culture intact (if they so choose) and not get caught up in an ideology that sounds perfect on face value but is actually a long-term point to enslavement of the mind.

This research project is biased against the tactics of lies, deception and the false narrative that the past is horrible and wrong while the future being laid out before us by the globalists is "good".

Research is based upon three main viewpoints:

1.) The human mind is unlimited in its ability to imagine, create and acquire knowledge as well as to follow the herd, be a copycat and limit outcomes to a scripted agenda.

2.) A conservative bias of keeping what works and continues to maintain power with family as opposed to with government.

3.) Mixing the power of the mind with a conservative perspective leads to caution in advancement, diligence and watchful waiting in order to maintain healthy, natural relationships with ourselves, one another and our surroundings.

Besides getting information from globalproject.is what else is recommended?

Read everything you can pertaining to history, current events, entertainment, sociology, psychology and world markets in order to form a balanced opinion. Once you have gathered a decent amount of data then look through the lens of the big picture perspective and weigh in on the history of regimes and governments and how their desire to consolidate and rule throughout time applies to what you now know today.

The only thing that you will find that's changed is that the power-hungry continue to get more powerful (corporatism, socialism, communism) and regular people continue to not get involved to have their demands met concerning globalization. In times of significant transformation a lot is up for grabs - your mind.

Is globalproject.is a backwards site (e.g. racist or anti-technology)?

No matter what, especially since many people only read titles and not articles, they will say this site is racist and/or anti-technology. Untrue.

All races have something wonderful to offer. Most technology has something wonderful to offer.

The research here does not support going against or hurting any race of people. One of the strongest pillars of this site is the support of differing races in their fight for sovereignty.

The research here also does not support the displacement of workers so the greediest can profit or for "enhancing" one's self with technology unless needed for medical reasons.

This site isn't anti-progress which must be defined by those who are "helping" us to "progress". If the definition of progress is the consolidation of all people, resources and lands so that one system can control everything... that's tyranny. Our unlimited minds can come up with something better than what's being violently foisted upon mankind today as the only option.

Is there a form of globalization that globalproject.is would support?

Yes but it needs a lot of policing by an unbiased watchdog body that is not in it for power. That is difficult to find when working with humans.

A basic idea would be a world where there are laws to protect the sovereignty of nations, it's borders, it's native people, culture, traditions and religions. Perhaps each nation would have a quota for legal immigrants and a much smaller quota for illegal immigrants.

Obviously the transference of technology and products would continue but on a balanced platform of trade as opposed to multinational corporations making economic threats to pull one product if the nation doesn't accept a new product that same nation doesn't want due to cultural or religious reasons.

Globalization can only happen on a nation-by-nation basis and how each nation wishes to proceed forward. Forward doesn't mean doing whatever an international body wants it to do. It doesn't mean a nation should have to trade in it's rights to its own natural resources. It also doesn't mean that a nation can only get assistance if it must create policy for something that goes against its own culture; such as teaching elementary school students about the LGBTQ lifestyle.

Globalization can happen (a limited form) but just as animals are being protected from going extinct so must nations, races and ways be protected from greedy globalists, "progressives" and warmongers who aim to destroy it all.

Go here for---> Frequently Asked Questions

By reading the data presented and following the trends what are some things one can learn at globalproject.is?

-How some are using the LGBTQ movement to indoctrinate children into this sexual lifestyle.

-How the liberal politics of the American public school system is pushing kids into "group think" and not "independent thinking".

-How Common Core education is designed to dumb-down the youth.

-How multinational corporations are manipulating sovereign nations via product placement.

-How globalist aspiring nations move into 3rd world nations and bring them into the global fold as dependents.

-How cash will be replaced with digital currency and we will all be dependent upon Universal Basic Income.

-How robotics, artificial intelligence, and algorithms will take over the global supply chain, replace human workers, move to singularity.

-How the global surveillance network will only grow and get more intrusive.

-How economies are manipulated for the insertion of a global economic system.

-The 7 stages of how sovereign nations are taken over by globalists.

The following is not far from the truth:

Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

- J.R.R. Tolkien
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