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Default What Is Codependent Economics?

Codependency is a unhealthy relationship via addiction or abuse and that is exactly what much of the US government (as well as other governments) have done to its citizens - abused them economically.

When you take a closer look, people who demand welfare or free benefits are addicted to handouts and typically avoid working for money to sustain themselves and their family like other independent people.

Unchecked government seeks to justify increasing taxes on the working class and the wealthy in order to provide more freebies to those who demand more welfare.

It's a vicious, codependent cycle based upon garnering more power over citizens while enabling citizens on welfare to be addicted to the handouts. It's a power play that ultimately ends up with people who are entirely dependent upon the government in order to survive and the death spiral of the middle class. The wealthy can give more but will ultimately leave for places that promote economic freedom.

The poor sector focuses on government cash and benefits as a long term solution.

The working and middle class focus on fairness and rules in order to preserve what they have worked so hard to build up.

The wealthy focus on wealth generation and their ability to relocate at anytime to avoid the bottomless appetite of government tax legislation.

The middle class suffers the most as their economic resources and assets are depleted by runaway government.

We can see that those in government who claim that welfare is temporary are incorrect as the calls to increase taxing the rich and also the growing experiments/calls for universal basic income are accelerating. The trend is not towards economic freedom and less taxes. It is toward welfare dependency, less freedom and higher taxes on responsible people.

Remember this, without the middle class, the largest percentage of people in America, which is rapidly declining, the government will become more abusive and tyrannical because it is the middle class that keeps government balanced due to the rules based mindset, fairness and preservation that the middle class seeks.

If the middle class shrinks due to codependent economics and manipulated markets then the majority of constituents will be the poor and the homeless. Therefore the politicians will continue increasing taxes until all citizens are dependent upon a form of welfare.

Poll Claims People Want More Taxes On Rich For Better Welfare

Codependency defined: A behavioral condition[1] in a relationship where one person enables another person's addiction, poor mental health, immaturity, irresponsibility, or under-achievement.[2] Among the core characteristics of codependency is an excessive reliance on other people for approval and a sense of identity.[2] This condition is controversial among psychologists.[3] Definitions of codependency vary, but it is generally defined as a subclinical, situational, and/or episodic behavioral condition similar to that of dependent personality disorder. The term is less individually diagnostic and more descriptive of a relationship dynamic.[2] In its broadest definition, a codependent is someone who cannot function on their own and whose thinking and behavior is instead organized around another person, process, or substance.[4] In this context, people who are addicted to a substance (i.e. drugs) or a process (i.e. gambling or sex) can also be considered codependent. In its most narrow definition, it requires one person to be physically or psychologically addicted, such as to heroin, and the second person to be psychologically dependent on that behavior.[5]

- Wikipedia
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