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Default How Does Confirmation Bias Relate To Global Project?

First off, what is confirmation bias?

Confirmation bias occurs from the direct influence of desire on beliefs. When people would like a certain idea or concept to be true, they end up believing it to be true. They are motivated by wishful thinking. This error leads the individual to stop gathering information when the evidence gathered so far confirms the views or prejudices one would like to be true.

Once we have formed a view, we embrace information that confirms that view while ignoring, or rejecting, information that casts doubt on it. Confirmation bias suggests that we don’t perceive circumstances objectively. We pick out those bits of data that make us feel good because they confirm our prejudices. Thus, we may become prisoners of our assumptions.

- psychologytoday.com

Another example is for day traders. Many unseasoned day traders and a few pros (sometimes) get caught up in their view that a stock is going to go the way they believe it will go.

Via intuition, professional charting techniques, fundamental research or all of the above... the day trader absolutely believes that the stock will go their way and when it doesn't they aren't prepared with a stop loss or some other plan to deal with the opposite occurring and lose money.

What does confirmation bias have to do with Global Project? Simply put... people reading the data on this site will believe that there is a bias towards particular groups of people.

They are right. There is a bias towards groups who want to destroy sovereign nations, break apart the natural family unit, erase historical statues and writings, get rid of Christianity and other religions, etc.

You see, confirmation bias works for things that happen opposite of what we believe may happen... meaning we are so fixed on one outcome that many times we forget about the other occurring... in fact the other potential can't occur in some minds.

That's not the case with this site. The current version of globalization and the pitting of citizens against one another is happening as pointed out and proven by the data within this site - data from many sources, not all sources being pro-sovereign nation.

There is no bias of one way. There is research to point out the dangers that have happened in the past, what is happening today and what these activities can do to us in the future - potentials that have come true and potentials that are forming into actual realities.

This is not conspiracy theory and paranoid delusion or a bias built on a house of cards or shaky evidence. All of the prongs outlined, each section, has facts... lots of facts of how society is being manipulated to steer people in certain directions... some knowingly and many not having a clue, who just go with the flow.

When it is pointed out that many sovereign nations are being invaded by foreign markets, economic engines, banking houses, product placement or foreign soldiers and the ensuing society is now owned and ran by puppets... that is fact, not bias.

When reading through the data it is always best to keep an open mind to material but to also do your own research. As for confirmation bias... the only thing to be dis-proven is how far the extent globalists have taken over many sectors of the globe and society. When you look into it it may turn out that it is far worse than what this research project has suspected and proven to be.
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