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Default How Mental Scenario Trading Relates To Global Project & The Future Of Humanity

What is Mental Scenario Trading?

I read about it in a book, Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom by Van K. Tharp.

Excerpt: "...keeping up with everything going on in the world and through that knowledge developing great ideas to trade." Jim Rogers has said about mental scenario trading, "How can you invest in American steel without understanding what is going on in Malaysian palm oil?... It is all part of a big, three-dimensional puzzle that is always changing."

I believe that everyone, at minimum, should keep track of the big picture and trade two or three systems that develop patterns that seem to emerge.

So, many people in finance, especially the large institutional traders, but also smaller traders focus on how markets effect one another... where money flows, in losses or gains is actually a global picture.

Yet these investments also effect people as companies finances/stock is inflated by market makers even when the companies valuations are down.

How large and small investors move forward is also how society overall will be influenced (not all investments will survive but the idea is there, just as an extreme bill may not survive but will come back years later in another form as society has been massaged over time to accept the bill's original idea in greater numbers... most specifically the younger generations through liberal, school ideology).

The big picture, which I stress on multiple levels (activism, the press, race relation exploitation, the left and the right, property rights and more) is key to understanding that things don't happen in a vacuum. There are outside influences everywhere and most are concerted via not just for profit making but for longer term power and control... ownership and then influencing the common man with perspectives and even mandates.

The future of humanity lies squarely on the powerful influencers of society; the economy, markets, Hollywood, the press, social media, government and the many branches/prongs who are in smaller sectors yet who are funded by the same large entities. If the smaller branches don't fall in line with "progressive" group-think then they are ostracized and banned, especially if attempting to promote conservative messages.

So, think beyond just capital gains and losses concerning the big picture, think deeply upon the gains and losses of male and female, the natural family unit, the source of power of a society - the natural family unit, the attacks on Christianity and other religions (spiritual warfare), the school system and the abandonment of capitalism for collectivism.

Beyond money is the effect on the traditional, historical timeline of people and sovereign nations and cultures. That's what Global Project aims to show. That money is a huge prong/push in a direction... economic coercion... but also how that push pushes people into a corner as obsolete, no longer necessary and outdated or simplified into... evil Nazis.
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