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Default Vision Of Global Project: Balanced Market & Global Sovereignty System

Exposing problems and outright deception by political parties and globalists is a daunting but worthy task. The project wouldn't be whole without offering up real solutions for America and any other sovereign nation who would take an interest in the orchestrated attacks on sovereignty as well as the innovative solutions offered here.

One of the problems society has overall, across the board, is that the majority of people run from one established political party to another - Democrats, Republicans, the Green Party, Socialism, Communism, Anarchism, etc. What happened to thinking outside of the box as opposed to being a copycat?

The freest system is a regulated capitalistic society (Balanced Market Society) that places limits on the power of both government and corporations in order to maintain balance of power. That was the original idea of America over 200 years ago.

Today we have seen the balance of power in America shift, taken away from citizens and placed 100% into the hands of "elected" officials and multinational corporations. It's time to fix that. As we know, over time, every system needs corrections. The American Republic is no different. In fact it requires it because it is the freest nation on Earth.

Improving a society and its system doesn't require it's destruction which so many non-creative people are calling for. To improve a society the process needs people with many experiences under their belt - artists, accountants, scientists, economists, inventors, writers, business owners and others. A wide range of experiences will help connect the current reality with the desires for an improved society while aiming to remain sovereign from the growing global, central authority.

The following are changes that need to be made to America and any other nation who wishes to adopt these freedom supporting policies. Freedom doesn't always mean you get what you want. It also means what's best for the overall population in order to have freedom and morality.

1.) Overall Government:
America has three branches of government - the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial. As time has worn on power has been taken from The People and placed squarely into the corrupt hands of these governmental branches. It was the intent of the nation's forefathers for those three branches to keep the government in check and balanced. Today it is up to the news journalists to do this and look how that has turned out. Corporate media isn't just biased, it is divisive and destructive.

In order to bring back the power to The People it is necessary to add a fourth branch of government to the process - The Citizen's Branch.

In every town, city, county, state and at the federal level a group of diverse citizens would be elected for a total of 21 members. The backgrounds would be considered lower to middle class according to pay scales - garbage man, nurse, accountant, police officer, fireman, drug counselor, school teacher, small business owner, salesman, IT worker, amateur sports athlete, event planner, waiter/waitress, auto mechanic, architect, engineer, chef, janitor, housekeeper, author, and musician.

These 21 members of the Citizen's Branch would oversee rule breaking and corruption cases of the political body at the level they are elected for (e.g. city, county, etc.).

These 21 members would keep their full-time job and receive a small stipend as compensation in order to remain non-corrupted.

At whatever level they were (e.g. city, county, etc.) one member would also be chosen by the other 20 members from their local section to run for the top seat against the other traditional candidates.

For example - the Citizens Branch of Boise Idaho (city level) would elect one of their own members to run for the mayor's seat against the other traditional candidates. If elected the now vacant Citizens Branch position would be filled by another citizen from the same job classification as the previous member who is now the mayor---> This system would be utilized all the way up to the federal level and the President of the nation.

This process would allow the power of citizens (who aren't wealthy via assets) to assist in running a town, a city, a county, a state or even the nation in an honest/fair way. Regular citizens would literally have a seat at the table where he/she could also be elected.

More details are necessary but if people really cared to make their homeland's political system better they would be happy to amend their constitution to get this done.

2.) Christian Churches/Catholics: Arrest all listed and known pedophiles and jail them until a court date is set. No more leniency by anyone within the church or they will also be prosecuted.

The Catholic Church must allow priests to marry women and have families if desired.

If a child wants to pray in school or as a group before a sporting event, allow it.

3.) Immigration: Every nation has the right to set a quota for legal, law abiding immigration as well as illegal immigration.

Example: Nation allows in legal immigrants, up to 1% of the local population every 5 years in order to maintain the local population's culture, traditions, religious practices as well as to minimize the impact on the economic system, social benefits, education system, environment, etc.

Same nation allows in illegal immigrants, up to 0.25% of the local population every 10 years.

It's up to each nation to decide, not a global authority or a "progressive" group bent on the destruction of borders with no care for the local society.

4.) The LGBTQ Agenda: The LGBTQ ideology and its focus on alternative, sexual lifestyles is not to be taught in elementary school on up through high school. When in college the student can choose to learn about the LGBTQ lifestyle if they believe it applies to them.

It will be made illegal to manipulate anyone under 18 years old with hormone treatment to create a transgender child. Watchful waiting will be the proper route so that when the child is an adult he or she can make that decision, no sooner.

5.) Pornography: Pornography will not be allowed to be free on the internet or any other type of media where it is easily accessed by children or anyone else. If an adult wants pornography they must pay for it.

A better rule would be to ban pornography as it does no good for the moral fabric of society.

6.) Entertainment: Entertainment will remain uncensored but the locals will decide what type of "programming" is good for their people. If places like Hollywood are found to be funded by groups aiming to undermine natural families, local culture, religion or the homeland then those writers, producers and directors should be terminated. Profiting from the blatant destruction of positive and proven societal foundations shouldn't be made fashionable.

7.) The Press: Like Hollywood the press has turned into a propaganda machine ran by global elitists. What used to be the reporting of unbiased facts is now journalism, opinion pieces and lies. Any news organization caught in deceiving The People no matter the agenda should be terminated from the press.

8.) Medical & Mental Health: Across the globe all hospitals would merge so that one planetary medical footprint exists. Every nation would have access to the best medical care; from visiting for a checkup to ER to surgery. This would apply to physical ailments only.

All mental health care would be provided by the local nation exclusively. This would keep certain cultural and religious beliefs intact. Not all people or beliefs are the same. Having a singular, global mental health system would only make all people think alike. Sovereign nations and sovereign minds is what is needed, not consolidation of nations and minds.

9.) Education: From elementary through high school it would be mandatory that children focus on reading, writing, arithmetic, debate, art, music, sports, science and technology as opposed to activism, social causes or the LGBTQ lifestyle.

The Common-Core style of "learning" would no longer be required. It would be banned.

10.) Agenda 21: Across the globe all waste management companies (trash) and wastewater treatment plants (sewage) would be consolidated under one global waste authority so that all nations would have an organized system of disposing of waste properly.

Across the globe all water treatment plants (drinking water) would be consolidated under one global potable water authority so that all nations would have a clean drinking water system.

The United Nation's Agenda 21 would be abolished. It is being used as a weapon to not only destroy people's property rights but to also promote governmental purchases of swaths of land so that families cannot purchase land and remain free from mass governmental constraint. Private property strengthens the natural family unit.

11.) Globalization: It has been documented in detail why the current form of globalization is actually a multi-prong strategy to dumb-down, economically trap and mold all of humanity into a servant of a central authority. The promotion of intelligent sovereign people with unlimited mind potential and their sovereign nations with unique cultures, traditions and religious backgrounds is not being promoted - they are being destroyed.

Not supporting modern day "progressives" or liberal globalists is clear within Global Project therefore it probably comes as a surprise that medical, waste management and drinking water is being promoted to fall under a unbiased, nonpartisan, global stewardship.

The importance of physical health, our physical environment and our drinking water is highly important to maintain a strong societal foundation for any nation. Controlling these aspects of civilization does nothing to influence the direction any nation may take, it simply keeps the populace in a healthier state regardless of their culture.

12.) Corporations & Multinational Corporations: Many of the larger corporations, their lawyers along with government officials have been allowed to abuse capitalism by creating vast footprints while employing many only to fire the local workers, move operations to another nation and employ cheap, slave labor.

This is a form of economic terrorism. A company that has a dedicated work force and it fires them all, leaving them to struggle will not be tolerated. That is not balanced capitalism. That is abuse and greed in order to gobble up as much market share across the world.

If a corporation or any business gets so big that it needs cheap, slave labor then it needs to be divided up into smaller companies.

If a corporation gets so big that it desires to buy up the competition or buy up unrelated businesses then it needs to be divided up into smaller companies.

There is no longer a place for the greedy who lay waste to its own staff, buy up the competition or buy unrelated companies.

We have to ask, "When is enough, enough? Until a handful of corporations own the world?"

A Balanced Market Society would help in diminishing bottomless greed.

13.) A Government That Is Anti-Citizen: A government that claims to represent its people yet is proven to represent only the richest interests, those with the most powerful lobbyists and those who believe in a central global authority, shunning their own heritage, homeland and the people that elected them need to be exposed and tried for treason against the citizenry and the nation.

A corrupt government official, some officials or all officials are like a thief in the night who befriend you by day and steal from you later.

Example: If the voting rule is that the majority vote by the citizenry passes a bill and the government denies that from the majority, that is not representative of the people. Just because a political group doesn't agree, this does not mean the majority is wrong.

14.) Police Officers: Police officers must be recruited from the nation's local population. Only police officers who grew up with and identify with the locals make for good police officers and negotiators.

15.) Military: Each sovereign nation, if it chooses, will have a military that is made up of people from the local population base. Foreigners would never fight as hard for another nation as they would for their own people when necessary.

A nation's overall budget could be no more than 25% allotted for military expenditures.

16.) The Surveillance State: The surveillance apparatus in many nations, including America, the UK, China and many others has been over developed. Why? Because of some terrorist activity therefore all locals must give up their personal details to a government that is supposed to be working for them?

The surveillance state is a massive misuse and abuse of governmental and corporate powers.

Having a Citizen's Branch within the surveillance centers to monitor operations would be ideal to quell this misuse of power.

A supreme court ruling to ratchet this spying down would be of benefit. Any abuse of power, proven would be cause for termination of leadership within the surveillance apparatus.

17.) Taxes: It is clear that if one's government has so much money to spend that they spend a trillion dollars on "war" in the Middle East then The People are being taxed too much. Government only needs capital for certain operations of benefit to the local population as opposed to war forever.

A 10% tax on income across the board would be implemented.

Any tax board found to be biased against any legal group would be held accountable for intimidation and discrimination.

Having a Citizen's Branch within the tax power base to monitor operations would be ideal to quell this misuse of tax collecting power.

18.) Corporate Grocery Industry: A thorough study of what's in our modern foods, soaps and shampoos would be implemented in order to identify chemicals that may be altering men's testosterone levels and women's estrogen levels.

We don't know enough about what we place into or on our bodies.

Any product containing hormone manipulators, creators or those that mask or chemicals that do similar things would be banned.

19.) Biotech/Monsanto/GMO Products: The manipulation of genetic traits within living creatures, creating new lifeforms and then patenting them as products (lifeforms as owned property) needs a thorough investigation for future implications, impact on the environment and how these will effect humanity down the line.

Any life-form created; such as an organism that is utilized to clean up oil spills in waterways must be housed under a stewardship of scientists as opposed to being patented and owned by a corporation.

The creation of and use of seeds that don't reproduce shall be banned. Creating market share in the agriculture sector via manipulation of seeds will be banned.

20.) Online Technology/Robotics/Artificial Intelligence: Globalists like Zuckerburg are claiming that a world where robotics and AI do the work for mankind is around the corner and that this world will be supplemented with UBI (Universal Basic Income) or welfare for all global citizens. This is in fact the taking away of freedom from people everywhere and turning them into zoo animals who are provided for.

Sovereign nations, local culture, traditions and religion must triumph over the narrow dreams of the power-hungry globalist mentality. These people and how they place their technologies over us will empower them and weaken people and the family unit.

In the job place it must be made law that only 20% of positions can be filled by robotics while the other 80% is filled by human workers. What is the value of a human if tossed to the garbage heap for a robot?

Any business owner, CEO, etc. having a higher quota of robots to human workers must be terminated from the position within that company. Capitalism isn't to have global market share, it is for people, their work, the development of the mind and creating value in life.

Online addiction must also be taken seriously and looked at.

Physical health and physical activities must be promoted.

Children must not be allowed to have iPhones, iPads or similar products before the age of 16. Supervision must be mandatory as a smartphone is like having an uncensored computer in a young person's pocket where anything can be accessed.

21.) Federal Reserve/Market Manipulation/Digital Cash: The power of the federal reserve is too great. Controlling the flow of money is a greater power than making the laws of the land. The federal reserve must be abolished due to the market manipulation by it.

A global, digital cash, like Bitcoin or another should take the place of the federal reserve. This non-centralized currency would be used in commerce for all debts public and private and would not be subject to manipulation. With no manipulation of price then there would be no manipulation of purchasing power against smaller nations (Forex trading). The field would be even, fair and balanced.

A secondary, local currency in the form of paper notes, for each sovereign nation, not subject to trade on the world market, would also be implemented. It could be backed by precious metals in order to maintain value and remain anonymous unlike digital cash.

22.) Population Management: This is a topic that is extremely dangerous as it places limits on reproduction. Know that population management isn't just about limiting births it is also about limiting immigration and also government interference.

Let me explain. Globally there are few nations that have any form of native population control. China has had a one child policy in place for some time but that quota has changed to two children. Other nations don't do what China is doing.

The other form of population management is a nation's immigration policies. In America there are groups calling for the disbandment of ICE and the destruction of borders. If allowed, that is national suicide. Other nations monitor their borders closely and allow certain immigrants in at certain times, maintaining a balance.

If nation's do not control their native birth rates then resources will continue to dwindle. As populations explode exponentially this opens the door to government (e.g. globalists) justifying how locals must live their life from what they eat, how much of it, how much water a household is allowed to use, what kind of car a family is allowed to own, and the list goes on. As more people use more resources, government uses that lack of population control as a means to control everyone's lives in order to keep resources from being used up. That is the train of thought being used to justify everything from the elimination of eating meat to limiting medications - inventory.

It is imperative that nations come up with their own population management plan so that a global, central authority won't have any legal standing to interfere in a sovereign nation's way of life/culture/traditions/family/religion.

So how can a nation assess how well it is doing and if it needs to implement a form of population management?

Take the National Overall Assessment test:

A.) Unemployment rate - Assess the overall citizen's numbers of how many are employed to how many are unemployed. If unemployment is creeping up there is a problem.

B.) Well being indicator - A national poll for all citizens to assess individual "life satisfaction" in areas such as income/health/housing/social connections/ability to take a vacation every year. If the poll is overall negative there is a problem.

C.) Suicide and Crime rates - Assess the overall rates for these two categories. If increasing there is a problem.

If the numbers reflect a negative increase for five years in a row then it's time to place major limits on immigration to decrease competition for the same resources and bring back quality of life. If the numbers reflect negatively two years after immigration limits are set then it's time to curb births by citizens until the numbers reflect a positive direction overall.

Traditionally numbers will be positive or improve when citizens have jobs, plenty to eat, are able to take a vacation and afford things they need plus some side items without fear of being laid off, criminal elements and/or political instability.

These 22 changes to America and a few to the globe aren't taken without serious thought and consideration. This is a hybrid society of both nationalism and global aspects - Global Sovereignty. This is a fresh direction that respects freedom, leaving the power of a nation within itself.

You will have noticed that four major areas have been redesigned to be made available to all sovereign nations under the Global Sovereignty designation; independent nations with access to macro-foundations that are noninvasive... not able to manipulate a society's culture, traditions, religion, natural family and governing body:

A.) Medicine
B.) Waste Management
C.) Drinking Water
D.) Anonymous Digital Currency

For as much as this project may point out the negatives of socialism, which are true the Global Sovereignty model takes the four areas above and makes them available to all people everywhere while making everything else something to work for (food, housing, clothing, etc.). This is the balance that must be afforded to us if we want to keep a smooth running civilization.

Obviously America has social programs - Social Security, State Disability, Welfare and they are all being misused, flooded by people who only want free benefits yet are able to work. And there lies the problem. The current form of globalization is literally taking the opportunity of working and independence away with AI, robotics, corporations moving overseas and unlimited population growth. That is the recipe to enslave more people to the shrinking social benefits payroll.

When this system breaks the only ones to suffer will be The People as opposed to those who are running it into the ground. The globalists solution for their concerted effort to destroy America and other sovereign nations? To dumb us down, provide basic food, housing, clothing and ultimately make us all dependent - enslaved minds, body, spirit.

This is a call out to thought leaders, think-tanks, statesmen, futurists, inventors, philosophers, creators, designers, innovators, motivators, the workers of the world, those with college degrees and those without to contact Global Project with your ideas for a better society. There are great ideas out there but some people don't know what they want until they are shown a product.

Don't allow the current form of globalization by socialists, communists, corporatists, "progressives", liberals, leftists, war-hawks, democrats or republicans to mold the world against you and all your potential. We all have unlimited minds. Let's use them to create a great society that provides some great, necessary things but also maintains the sovereignty of nations.

Rise up and let's work together! You want something to be a part of where you can make a huge difference, step by step? Send in your ideas, plans, needs, wants. Bring your value as a human to us. Share and let's make something good for The People happen!

Please network and contact Global Project - contact@globalproject.is
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