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Default Global Project's Hypothesis (All Research Projects Need To Prove Something)

In an effort to improve the world we live in, all it takes is an initial hypothesis that is well-stated, founded in truth, and can withstand extensive research and experimentation.

Global Project laid out why this research project was undertaken but let's spell out a hypothesis. A hypothesis backed by documented facts (the entire site).

First, we must take a moment to define independent and dependent variables. Simply put, an independent variable is the cause and the dependent variable is the effect.

1.) Traveling the world, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, partaking in different traditions, witnessing various religions, trading products and even marrying into a foreign culture is not the same as today's globalization.

2.) Traveling the world with sincerity and respect for others is done out of adventure, passion and excitement for people who may do the same things differently and some things the same. It is out of acceptance and rationality that people travel to other sovereign nations to partake in far away life. This is legitimate and sincere appreciation for diversity.

3.) Today's globalization (aka centralization of all resources) is not based upon respecting any people, tribe, culture, creed, traditions, religion or their nation's borders, lands, waterways or sky.

It is based upon these main themes:

A.) [Independent variable]---> Encapsulating a sovereign nation within a pre-constructed, economic framework; a harmonized system that branches across the globe but is maintained by a single source and set of rules that are of benefit to those who encapsulate said nation, [Dependent variable]---> limited in scope for those who must exist within (e.g. dependency upon it for food, clothing and shelter while profits are funneled to the top and taxes are created to limit wealth creation by those under the preset rules.).

This equates to the capturing of a nation's resources including its people and placing a value upon them, designated by outside sources.

B.) [Independent variable]---> The mashing together of all people, tribes and nations with the war cry of diversity when in fact it has the opposite effect as all [Dependent variable]---> people under this umbrella through generations will look and think alike, destroying authentic diversity everywhere as well as viewpoints and inventiveness.

The existence under "others" rules and economics as well as being mashed together dismantles people, tribes and nations. The people's unique historical timeline and who they were is lost to coerced, new societal rules as outlined by the globalists and their allies.

This equates to the intentional destruction of people, their memories and value for their ancestors before them. It is the end where ancestry dies and a hive-mentality takes over.

C.) The aim to deconstruct the natural qualities of man and woman.

[Independent variable]---> Utilizing chemicals; such as BPA in plastics or the overabundance of soy in foods in order to [Dependent variable]---> manipulate hormones...

[Independent variable]---> promoting mental illness; such as homosexuality and transgender ideology as a natural behavior, taught to [Dependent variable]---> school children who then become confused mentally as related to what their DNA prods them to do by nature as a boy or a girl...

[Independent variable]---> attacking terminology; such as "masculinity" and adding "toxic" = "toxic masculinity", [Dependent variable]---> confusing young men when comparing themselves to the history of men and accomplishment to the beta males of today...

[Independent variable]---> implying that women have no meaning in life and offer no value to society by being "breeders" for their husbands and denying themselves a 9 to 5 job outside the home. Their raising of children is passe as they aren't enlightened because they do not hold a college degree and men are holding them down. Healthy, [Dependent variable]---> young women are also stifled and confused as to their place in life.

This equates to the finest point of death. The death of the natural family unit, the greatest team on earth that got mankind to this point today with unlimited minds and the powerful state of man and woman, united together as nature and dare I say, God created.

Those are the main, non-disclosed themes of today's globalization that has actually been played out long before "today" arrived. It is a slow process of testing the populace with unpopular ideas, taking them back and reintroducing them later to the same populace that is now softened (programmed) by media (music/books/television), social media, activists and government to be more accepting and less on guard.

Clearly we can get down to the details of every point and make minor points beneath each main point but for simplicity we are sticking with the main overall themes above to keep this simplistic.

Overall this is an empirical hypothesis, or working hypothesis, because it is is being put to the test, using observation and experiment.

This entire site and how it's organized is a testimony to the documentation of facts, news, stats, opinions and videos on how each prong from the main page, however unrelated one may believe them to be, yet when put together, creates an overwhelming amount of pressure on a populace to hide their true values, ways and even religion in fear of being outed, doxed, fired, assaulted and murdered by those allied with the globalists who's sole aim is to homogenize all people and nations as well as to centralize all resources across the globe.
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