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Default There's The Market & Then There's The Cultural Market - How Manipulation Is Done!

Let's get a couple definitions and systems out of the way first. We just can't get to there from here so we will build a logical path to follow.

What is the market and how does it function?

Getting more specific, I will outline how the stock market works because it makes or breaks companies and it is these same companies that make capital for the nation and innovations for people. Capitalism at its best and manipulation at its worst.

Investopedia Excerpt: Stock ownership implies that the shareholder owns a slice of the company equal to the number of shares held as a proportion of the company's total outstanding shares. For instance, an individual or entity that owns 100,000 shares of a company with 1 million outstanding shares would have a 10% ownership stake in it. Most companies have outstanding shares that run into the millions or billions.

Now as individuals or even large institutional buyers; such as banks or pension systems, they can buy for the long haul (invest) or even day trade the stocks they own every day, even multiple times per day depending on their strategy on how to make a profit.

So with buying, why doesn't the market or price per share (pps) simply just continue to go up forever so everyone can be millionaires?

As much corruption exists, there still needs to be balance, a running market where buyers and sellers make or lose money. Going up forever... there just isn't enough money printed to continue that ride.

So, who creates these markets? The people behind the scenes are called market makers or mm's.

Investopedia Excerpt: A market maker is a "market participant" or member firm of an exchange that also buys and sells securities at prices it displays in an exchange’s trading system for its own account which are called principal trades and for customer accounts which are called agency trades. Using these systems, a market maker can enter and adjust quotes to buy or sell, enter, and execute orders, and clear those orders.

According to Anna Coulling: Market Makers only have two objectives. The first is to make us fearful and the second is to make us greedy. They have one purpose in life, to create emotional responses which will ensure that those on the outside do the wrong thing at the wrong time (buying or selling) and the Market Makers will do the right thing at the right time which is often the opposite of what the outsiders are doing when it comes to buying or selling. See, mm's need inventory of stock to create a market and that is why the markets go up and down.

In other words - regular folks dabbling in the market or day traders will often lose money while the market makers will make money as they are armed with inside information and more data than those on the outside. It matters not if the market goes up or down because the mm's create this market in the first place.

So, if mm's can make the market go up or down for any individual stock then it goes without saying that they can also make companies weaker or stronger via how much a particular company's stock (price per share) is worth. Companies can be weakened by sellers and an increase in ensuing selling volume or strengthened by buyers and an increase in ensuing buyer volume which makes the price per share go up.

Obviously, from the outside, not knowing what goes on with the mm's and how they get their orders, if a powerful entity wants a particular company to grow because it meets a certain criteria for future use; such as Amazon, then I am sure communications can be made for that to occur. But remember, no matter how many sellers or buyers there are, it is the mm's who make the price per share go up or down in the end.

You may say the markets are regulated by the SEC and this could never happen. Well that's not exactly how it works. These exchanges who have mm's are self-regulated. The SEC simply approves the rules. So with little oversight, let's just say a lot can happen.

Now besides increasing or dropping the stock's price there are other ways buyers or sellers can be manipulated with fear or greed. These mm's and the companies they buy or sell utilize news releases (positive or negative) to draw in more buyers or sellers when the mm's want more shares or more profits.

Fear and greed. Fear of losing money, fear of missing out on a move upward and plain old greed that occupies every human's heart when it comes to profits. It's that simple.

So if a publicly traded company can be made strong or weak by the mm's and perhaps an agenda behind this price action then we must also understand that a similar type of manipulation can also be applied to the cultural market.

Let's define a cultural market. This is what we know as normal because nature has made us this way for thousands of years; from religion, praying to a God, the relationship between men and women, making babies and having natural families, protecting personal property, the ability to defend one's self, the knowledge of being born as a male or a female, understanding what a mental illness is... reality.

See, for thousands of years we have grown and created great civilizations by living and existing under natural laws for men, women and families. This is normal behavior as ascribed by our DNA over time.

Today, we could compare news, media, social media, Hollywood and "progressive" politicians and companies as the mm's of the cultural market. They have an enormous amount of sway and control in how society is shaped. If they want people to change a certain way, this can be done by having these powers-that-be create campaigns or steering committees to utilize media channels with propaganda to push the masses in a particular direction and to accept something that either used to be defined as a mental illness to be normal or something dangerous as fine.

Obviously, it takes a lot longer to sway a nations opinion or to change a behavior than it does to make a stock's price go up or down.

The principle is the same. The mm's increase or decrease a stock's price making buyers or sellers show up out of fear or greed.

So if one or many of societies politically correct groups now state that being a transgender is normal and healthy and they keep adding to that message, ultimately empowering those who are transgender (mentally ill) to speak up and protest for the right to be classified as the opposite sex or no sex at all... others will become allies out of fear of being called transphobic, a hater, a homophobe, a bigot... this is a form of manufactured, cultural peer pressure.

It is manipulation at its finest and eventually the masses follow the trend just as investors will follow a stock's trend, up or down out of emotion, not wanting to be excluded.

Manipulation of a stock is done through price and volume but how is a society and its cultural market manipulated? It is done via the media in its many forms. Price can be translated as the desired value of being "inclusive" while volume can be how much pressure is exhibited by politically correct organizations (a bias). The end results show up in statistics.

Stats will show the extent of manipulation; from homeless populations increasing, LGBTQ lifestyles showing up in schools, drug abuse numbers increasing, an increase in illegals jumping the border, people moving from high tax states to low tax states... you get the idea. Statistics bear out how the powers-that-be affect a nation.

People can be manipulated to believe anything, especially when supported by groups who hold weight as leaders and monopolies over industries that literally place ideas into our minds. Once that belief is ingrained in elementary school, the workplace and on television, it is pretty difficult to turn such a large ship around.
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