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Default How Reversion To The Mean Predicts The Implementation Of Globalization Over All

First off we must define reversion to the mean.

This is a law of nature, discovered through math that the greater the deviation of a random variate from its mean, the greater the probability that the next measured variate will deviate less far. In other words, an extreme event is likely to be followed by a less extreme event.

- mathworld.wolfram.com

This action in nature creates an average.

Francis Galton during the 1800's was fascinated with measurement and through his fascination he found the existence of the average through measurement.

Let's look at the sweet pea experiment. He had multiple associates grow a sweet pea plant in a specific way. He provided a sweet pea to grow a plant from a sized group; large on down to small sweet peas. These sizes were chosen after thousands were analyzed to find the largest to the smallest in nature.

Parent sizes were as follows in hundredths of an inch:

15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21

Galton took the plants when mature and harvested the offspring sweet peas from each parent sweet pea that had been grown in the ground.

The offspring or the next generation were planted and grown the same way as the parents, growing into the following sizes:

15.4, 15.7, 16.0, 16.3, 16.6, 17.0, 17.3

Now, matched up to the parent sweet peas, compare the offspring:

15---> 15.4

16---> 15.7

17---> 16

18---> 16.3

19---> 16.6

20---> 17

21---> 17.3

This tells us that the largest sweet peas do not pass on genes to create even larger sweet peas and that the smaller sweet peas don't pass on genes to create even smaller sweet peas, that there is a limit from both sides and thereby an average that nature falls within via science.

Galton also ran this experiment with people and height, parents and children. The results were exactly the same.

If the results were any other way then the world would be filled with only midgets and giants or even more extreme sizes as generations of life went forward.

Now that we know there is an average size human male and female with average tendencies and average drive, meaning there are fewer eminent people who are extremely successful or extremely intelligent or extremely athletic when compared to the "average" we begin to understand that the majority of people are quite similar everywhere which includes gullibility, being programmed by agenda-based television, music, social media and publishing houses plus forming their own opinions (what they think are their own opinions) via information that is carefully put together to lead them to see the world in a specific way. A way the system wants them to see it.

Now that we have the average individual covered let's move to the topic of society overall to pin globalization down.

In 1986, Princeton economist William Baumol published the long-term trends of productivity. Armed with data from 72 countries that went back to 1870 he came up with the process of convergence. Accordingly the countries with the lowest levels of productivity in 1870 had the highest levels of improvement over the years, while the most productive countries in 1870 have exhibited the slowest rates of improvement. The difference in growth rates have certainly narrowed the gap in productivity between the most "backward" and the most advanced nations as each group has regressed to the mean or the average in productivity.

Over the 110 year span of analysis the ratio between most productive nation and least productive went from 8:1 to 2:1.

What this tells us is that as each underdeveloped nation is developed more, it goes through an accelerated pace of growth in multiple ways from food production to media production and it ultimately becomes like the advanced nations that it received the push and investment to develop in the first place (global colonization).

In essence all nations will become alike which we are seeing today with globalization. We see nations moving toward an average of development.

The USA has decreased development greatly and its infrastructure is crumbling plus social strife and insurrection are now occurring with ANTIFA, BLM, "progressives" and globalists which is bringing the USA's status down to a similar level with other nations.

America used to be number one in production, education, highway systems, city cleanliness, innovations... and now it has all been passed down in order to raise all others up to a level playing field. Not where everyone is doing excellent but where every society will be average.

We see nations like China who came from relative obscurity when compared to the American production machine to becoming a powerful rival to the now weakened America.

Of course this is no accident. We know that elements of powerful investors are plying their money where it needs to go in order to make all nations the same... average... without one dominating the other but in fact all nations working together on a global scale where all cultures, religions, creeds, traditions and people will be morphed into looking alike and thinking alike... the average person under one system... limited by a control source that carefully hands out specific clothing, housing and food... a world of little choice but of complete dependence... this will be the new average.

In a world where everything must be uniform, conformed to a standard and average, one nation cannot be allowed to move forward on its own merits of hard work by its own people. Instead all nations must have their borders erased and their cultural way of doing things made to conform to a new, global system or global harmonization.

Average is the goal. Now when education systems are dumbed down... when the youth are programmed to believe that they are the opposite gender from their birth and given hormone treatments... when people are made to believe that Caucasians are all racists... when certain foods (meat) are banned... as all of this becomes more popular what happens to humanity, especially men? What does the average man and woman look like in that system of averages or commonly known as equality for all?

This is the equality that groups like ANTIFA, BLM and neo-communists have in mind. They want what they believe equality to be... all under one system of supervision where no one is allowed to get out of line and innovate... let the robots and AI do all the thinking. This is the dead end of "equality" where everyone will suffer equally... on the average.

Remember---> Neo-Communism Is Happening Now!
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