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Default Lesbians Fighting Back Against Transgender Ideology

Lesbians Fighting Back Against Transgender Ideology

Excerpt: Kara Dansky, a feminist lawyer and spokeswoman for Women's Liberation Front (WoLF), spoke against the so-called "Equality Act" at the Heritage Foundation on Monday, denouncing the transgender and gender identity movement as anti-women and anti-lesbian in particular.

Lesbians, in particular, have spoken out about transgenderism, because many less effeminate women are considered likely to be trans, rather than accepted as lesbian women. This makes transgenderism a form of "conversion therapy."

"If sex is construed to be gender identity, what that means is that nearly all sex-segregated spaces — colleges, sports, dormitories, and women's rights in general — will utterly disappear. They will completely disappear," Dansky declared. "It means effectively that women and girls will no longer exist as a coherent category worthy of civil rights protection, and that is an absolute disaster."

- pjmedia.com

Interesting how conservatives (not necessarily republicans), religious people (many faiths) and heterosexuals don’t have their limits respected; such as not wanting our children taught about LGBTQ lifestyles in elementary school yet lesbians come out wanting limits placed upon the spread of trans ideology. How ironic.

It's clear that no limits, no rules, no borders overall is a problem because when basic limits to protect the minds of the youth for example are attacked and eradicated, chaos ensues. Society becomes an experiment as opposed to the smoothly ran machine it had been before through sensible trial and error.

Telling children to experiment sexually is an ideological attack upon the once well ran nation, town and family. It is the early destruction of innocence and purity of the child.

Lesbians warning that trans ideology is dangerous is interesting because it is the homosexual lifestyle that opened the door to trans ideology in the first place. Now people who are narcissists, mentally ill, and confused promote trans ideology as a civil right.

Can't blame lesbians and women who are upset with the trans movement. Men in women's sports? Completely insane. Men thinking that they are women? Completely insane. Women thinking they are men? Completely insane. Apparently many females agree but are too afraid to say so.

The sad thing is that extreme homosexuals with an anti-heterosexual agenda and now trans people are attacking natural relationships/people for being who they naturally are as nature intended.

Stop the trans ideology... it is madness that will destroy everything about men and women and it is that union the globalists want destroyed the most in order to take over.

As for homosexuals... quit forcing your gay lifestyle into the classroom and leave children alone. Do what you do on your own time and there won't be a problem. Keep pressing your gay life onto kids and everyone else, there's the problem... your activism to shove it in everyone's face.

VIDEO: Lesbian, Julia Beck Explains How The Trans Ideology Is Anti-Female In Reality
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