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Exclamation Much Of Suburbia Will Have To Be Abandoned

Much Of Suburbia Will Have To Be Abandoned

If you think we’re just going to switch the trucking industry over to electric vehicles or engines that run on bio-fuels, hydrogen, compressed air, or natural gas, you will be disappointed. Ain’t going to happen. We’re going to have to come up with something else, starting with the basic idea of the walkable community. This implies that we’re going to have to revive the existing towns and small cities that fit that description. And it also implies that a great deal of American suburbia will have to be abandoned. The capital will not be there to reform it. In any case, commerce later on in this century is not going to be anything like the Blue Light Special orgy of recent decades. And the transition will get underway with a speed that will make your head spin.

- kunstler.com

I have read that the way the extreme environmentalists will force people back to the urban centers is to somehow pressure the suburban towns to increase taxes on septic tanks and no longer provide road repair work. This can happen through the action of suburban centers going broke and filing for bankruptcy.

Now once this is accomplished, with a poor overall economy and a lack of work or jobs, those who use septic tanks and those who need roads to get out to their homes will find it tough to exist.

These are two small examples of "economic coercion is violence in slow motion".

Now if any of you have read literature or reports about Agenda 21 you'll know exactly what I'm writing about. Redevelopment is not a conspiracy. And redevelopment is also not always for your own good or the good of families and generations of families and their owned land.

Just talk to many farmers and ranchers today who are under attack by corporations, government legislation, and Monsanto.
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