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Default Global MegaCity, 33x Larger Than NY To Be Built In Saudi Arabia

Global MegaCity, 33x Larger Than NY To Be Built In Saudi Arabia

It is said to be unlike anything the world has seen before — and that may well be right.

Saudi Arabia’s visionary Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, 32, has offered a glimpse the $640 billion futuristic megacity that will be Saudi Arabia’s next economic powerhouse and it looks very much at odds with the image of the ultraconservative kingdom we’ve seen before.

The project, dubbed NEOM, is part of the young prince’s vision of social and economic changes geared towards a more progressive future for Saudi Arabia.

- news.com.au

Saudi Arabia can build anything they want but this mega-city is the poster for future global cities where we will live a urban life within the confines of a mega-system. This is where living will be regulated.

We will ultimately go from local, religious "extremism" to "progressive" extremism.

Will they have citizen robots too---> VIDEO: Saudi Arabia Has First Citizenship For A Robot
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