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Default VIDEO: Dr. Money (Creator Of Trans) And His Transgender Experiments - Brainwashing!

VIDEO: Dr. Money (Creator Of Trans) And His Transgender Experiments - Brainwashing!

John William Money was a psychologist, sexologist and author, specializing in research into sexual identity and biology of gender. He was one of the first scientists to study the psychology of sexual fluidity and how the societal constructs of "gender" affect an individual.

- liveleak.com

The sick experiments that Dr. Money performed on children and adults is akin to the experiments done by Nazi doctors on their prisoners.

Dr. Money's claim that gender or your sex is a "social construct" is a lie. A lie back then and today. Gender is not "fluid" - something that can be changed. It is ingrained in our DNA at the level of creation.

Those who say that gender is fluid are simply trying to normalize a mental illness - Gender Dysphoria or Gender Incongruence.

The video about the Reimer twins is heart breaking. To know that Dr. Money was allowed to work with anyone and carry out his experiments on his patients by skewing their mind and their reality of something that is concrete in our DNA - gender.

I wish he was prosecuted and all those who continue to damage children and families across the world by deceiving them into believing that gender is fluid, something that does not need to be respected, cherished or taken seriously.

These experimenters, doctors, teachers and even parents are all guilty of destroying the youth and the future. They are breeding confusion and chaos... anti-science and the outright rejection of nature.
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