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Default Sane Man, Self-Sufficient, Good Health Wants To Stay On Island - Gov. Removes!

Sane Man, Self-Sufficient, Good Health Wants To Stay On Island - Gov. Removes!

Masafumi Nagasaki decided to live in solitude in 1989 after a friend told him about an archipelago in the southwest of Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. He made his home on Sotobanari ("Outer Distant island"), a 1,000 meter-wide kidney-shaped island. Surviving on rice cakes and bottled water, Nagasaki rarely saw anyone outside of his weekly trips by boat to a settlement an hour away for provisions - paid for with a small stipend sent to him by his family.

Each day is conducted according to a strict timetable, starting with stretches in the sun on the beach. The rest is a race against time as he prepares food, washes and cleans his camp before the light fails and insects come out to bite.
“Finding a place to die is an important thing to do, and I’ve decided here is the place for me,” he said.

- Reuters

The man had been there for years. He knew how to take care of himself. No one else was around to be bothered by him. He wanted to die in peace there. Instead the government came in and took him away to be "safe".

I understand the problem having homeless people camp out on your porch. That can be dangerous. Yet an economic system as well as the degradation of the family unit that creates this situation in the first place... many homeless people have no where to go.

This old man is different. He's not bothering anyone. Why does he need to be "rescued"? That is the nanny-state for you. Doing for you what you don't want done to you.

Agenda 21 is the recipe for finding "suitable" places to live. Places regulated, cared for and watched over by trained professionals. That life sounds like living in a zoo.
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