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Default VIDEO: Environmental-Vegan Fascists For Pets?

VIDEO: Environmental-Vegan Fascists For Pets?

We've seen the extremist vegetarians who shout at meat-eaters, calling them murderers. We've seen the man in his restaurant cooking meat in the front window because vegetarians harass him so he gives it back. We've seen some real crazy, vegetarian activities.

I was a vegetarian for a year. I only ate eggs as a meat but no other meats. It was all fruits, veggies, pasta and it was fine. I lifted weights a lot in my life so I lost about 10% strength in lifting but I got a leaner and I did feel a tad weaker too. I eventually grew tired of not having a good burger once in awhile so I quit not eating meat.

Anyway the lady in the video... crazy. She looks at all the meat items there for dogs and cats and she is flipping out about that? A dog chewing on leather? How far crazy can some of these extremists get? Would she rather have them chewing on plastic balls or perhaps recycled bones that are taken from roadkill only... politically correct, dead animals?

These are the kind of people waiting in the shadows to take charge of your life and your pet's life too.
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