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Default Mom Forces 6 YO Son To Be A Girl!

Mom Forces 6 YO Son To Be A Girl!

Excerpt: When James is away from his mother, he consistently rejects the idea that he is “Luna girl” or that he wants to be a girl. Because the court prohibits dad from dressing James as a boy or from teaching him that he is a boy by sharing religious or science-based teachings on sexuality, dad presents James with male and female clothing options and James always chooses, even insists on, his boy clothes. Dad told me, “James violently refuses to wear girl’s clothes at my home.” This is not a sign of gender dysphoria.

The article linked above goes into far greater detail and facts. It is clear that many parents, school mates and teachers are on the trans bandwagon and actively promoting this as a cure for, in many cases, nothing at all.

This is a monstrous experiment that will leave scars for life.

One would wonder why this type of thinking and activity would be allowed if one cares about one's self, family, tribe, locality and nation. It does nothing but wreck lives. The toll of trans deception is huge and it's imperative that people keep educating others on science as opposed to feelings.

The very root of the natural family is at stake here.

Remember this---> VIDEO: Brainwashing Kids With Transgender Mental Illness Ideology & Sexualization

This---> VIDEO: Little Boy Is A "Girl" - Programmed By The LGBTQ Agenda/Media/Environment

This too---> 17 Students Tricked That They Are The Wrong Sex - Brainwashing!
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