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Exclamation VIDEO: British Tourist Rudely Attacks Local Culture Over Their Caged Chicken

VIDEO: British Tourist Rudely Attacks Local Culture Over Their Caged Chicken

- liveleak.com

Sovereign nations and cultures have a right to their food; such as meat. Chicken is a food across the world over yet this maniacal, British tourist decided that having a chicken as food is bad and that the locals must release the chicken.

You see, these same "animal rights activists" may act like they are for localism but in fact they are unwitting foot-soldiers for globalists as they spread their liberal ideology of "saving" animals across the world in order to create a meatless, global society.

This tourist is aggressively pressing her western values upon these local people, trying to shape them into her belief system.

See what I mean by unwitting foot-soldiers? See how many of the "progressive" belief systems of today help usher in globalization and ultimately the control of people? She doesn't know it but she is pushing something that goes against nature... meatless diet.

Watch as this aggressive behavior increases overall in many nations. We've seen it with LGBTQ rights. Now it's being taught in schools to children. Next... meatless ideology and lesson plans for children too.

Evolution does not mean improvement. In this case it is the weakening of humanity.
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