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Default California To Ban Gas Cars By 2040

California To Ban Gas Cars By 2040

Excerpt: San Francisco Assemblyman Phil Ting would like for you to know that he has every intention of introducing new legislation in 2018 that will (i) make it much more difficult for low-income Californians to buy affordable vehicles and (ii) increase greenhouse gas emissions. Of course, Ting didn't word it in exactly that way but his proposal to ban combustion-engine vehicles will inevitably result in both of the unintended consequences above.

- zerohedge.com

What is meant is that electric cars are expensive and the batteries are also very expensive to replace. Not only that, batteries and charging them up, utilizes coal and power plants to create more electricity, hence more pollution. And the batteries are toxic waste.

This is going from what some call bad to worse.

This reminds of the video where a Hippo killed a Rhino. How could that happen? The Rhino was tired and made his way to a watering hole. The aggressive Hippo charged him. The Rhino used his head to spear the Hippo with his horn. It would have been a perfect shot into the Hippo's neck.

The problem is that an animal protective group had sawed his horn off so poachers wouldn't kill him for it. So when he defended himself the horn wasn't there. The Hippo kept attacking with his mouth, mauled the Rhino into the lake and drowned him.

The people aiming to help the Rhino actually killed him by taking his defense away. Very similar to gun control as well.

The nanny-state is dangerous to your health and the health of animals apparently.
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