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Default Mandated Housing By Government

Mandated Housing By Government

Excerpt: Waters said, “Housing is the foundation on which our entire society is built. It is a platform for economic mobility and well-being. It is a crucial part of our national economy. It is a necessary human right.”

- cnsnews.com

With the attacks on the traditional family (man, woman, child, and God), the parts that have created the greatest team ever, the family unit... as it is being systematically broken down (having children take charge of their healthcare and the parents no longer have a right to know to having selfish-oriented, single parents on welfare who want more babies) the family unit was the place of safety, learning, growth, and love.

Today the family is breaking apart in this quick-fix world and guess who is there to offer the right to housing, government style? The government, of course.

What happened to working hard and renting or buying a house? If the price is too high and the job outlook is bleak then look to the very same government who created this situation in order to control us even more.

The system, the "progressives", and the globalists clamor about the rights to housing, food, and water. Okay. So they will house us all like animals in a zoo? They will feed us too? We will be like livestock with nothing to offer to our masters. We will be mentally conditioned to be given a "life" as prescribed by them as they destroy our independence and all that is good or bad that goes along with being independent.

Their idea of a perfect society will be one where we will all think alike and someday look alike.

Just look at the ghettos of the 60's and the 70's. How did all that government housing turn out? It turned out horrible overall.

How did the government housing in Russia turn out for their people? It is horrible. Government housing is a pit of no escape.
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