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Exclamation LGBTQ Groups Mad At Germany Recognizing Birth Of No Gender, Not Mental Illness

LGBTQ Groups Mad At Germany Recognizing Birth Of No Gender, Not Mental Illness

Excerpt: ...concerned a complainant who had been proven to have no chromosomal sex from birth but was nevertheless registered female.

...intersex births — where the child has an X chromosome but not XX or XY, results in approximately one in 2,000 births.

For those wishing to change their government documents to divers in later life, the new law requires them to be verified by a doctor...

Germany’s Lesbian and Gay Association has objected on the grounds that the new law recognizes gender as being purely biological, and they argue it should also take account of “social and psychological factors”, reports Zeit.

- breitbart.com

Amazing. Germany recognizes those who are legitimately born with no gender via biological fact, a birth defect, yet the LGBTQ groups are upset because Germany based it on science and not the mental illness of gender dysphoria where people have a mental defect of believing that they are the opposite sex when biologically they are in fact the sex they were born as.

This attempt at the destruction of gender, this intentional attack and the spread of these lies through the media is harming the human species as a whole. We even have liberal parents confusing their children by raising boys and girls as the opposite sex or gender neutral.

This is a monstrous experiment that will be damaging as a new generation is raised to believe that this is okay and all the while the will to procreate and have natural families will die off over time leaving humans to follow whatever the global government tells them.
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