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Old December 20th, 2018, 12:26 AM
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Exclamation 11 YO Boy Performs In Drag At NYC Gay Bar - Gay Men Shower Him In Cash!

11 YO Boy Performs In Drag At NYC Gay Bar - Gay Men Shower Him In Cash!

Excerpt: Subsequent video and photos from the event posted to Instagram and Reddit show Desmond indeed performed dressed up as No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani, while men threw money on stage.

Reactions to the performance have ranged from disgust to outrage, with some asking if the club will be investigated for promoting pedophilia, while others urged Child Protective Services to take action.

- infowars.com

This family... the parents... the child... all should be broken up. That's right. This is child abuse and the manipulation of a boy for profit in the most immoral sense.

The parents allowing the boy to "perform" in a gay bar and have money thrown at him by gay men... this is wrong and the true state of America - broken and inept.

This is filth hiding behind "anti-discrimination" laws. Now it is exposed for all of us to see.

This behavior should be discriminated against. That is the only way to stop it before it is so mainstream that every insane leftist and hater of America supports pedophilia.

Remember... good judgement... sound discrimination... proper choices... proper allowances... sane freedom is what gets us through life in a successful manner. Don't shy away from standing against evil. Pedophilia is evil.

Who supports this? The leftists who hate on patriarchy... borders... ICE... capitalism... America... natural relationships between man and woman... science and fact... this is the way of the extreme leftist who supports extreme globalization... and to get their way they aim to destroy male energy and life in man.
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