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Exclamation Transgender Groups Attack Feminist & Twitter Allows It

Transgender Groups Attack Feminist & Twitter Allows It

Excerpt: Twitter issued the final ban for a tweet referring to a man as a man, even though he presented as male on social media at the time.

She recalled receiving "numerous, explicit violent threats," which the company refused to take down. "I have been told to 'shut up and die,' to 'choke,' to 'commit suicide,' and so on and so forth," she wrote. "All of these tweets, which seem to very clearly fit within the definition of 'abusive tweets,' were lobbed my way attached to the word 'TERF,' which, as most of you know, is a term used to smear and denigrate those who question transgender ideology."

Jonathan Yaniv — who occasionally identifies himself as "Jennifer" — bragged about getting Murphy suspended, and called for her to be charged with hate crimes under Canadian law. Her crime? Opposing transgender identity on Twitter by saying, "Men are not women" and "Trans women are not women."

- pjmedia.com

The crazies are running the insane asylum. How is it that when a woman, a feminist woman at that, states a scientific fact that men are men and women are women, she gets censored? Yet Twitter allows her to be threatened over and over again by transgender crazies?

These movements are built on emotion, not facts. And Twitter and many other social media giants are silencing people so that other things that can happen that are quite damaging; such as the attack on the definition of a mother by transgender people---> Mother No Longer A Gender Specific Term, UK Govt. Lawyers Claim

Censorship by government and powerful corporations is for one reason - to hide the truth because the truth is what sets people free, not lies and the censorship of scientific facts.

There is a powerful group on the global scene aiming to weaken male energy and destroy the definition of mother, father and family. The family is the original and the last stand of a power-base that can go against tyranny. Tyrannical government and tyrannical corporations. Family is the last group to be destroyed. And your watching it happen as you read this.
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