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Default VIDEO: Drag Queen Story Hour For Kids Spreads As Indoctrination Continues

VIDEO: Drag Queen Story Hour For Kids Spreads As Indoctrination Continues

This is indoctrination in its purest form because these men dressed as women aren't reading to kids for the pure joy of it. They are simply mainstreaming this, brainwashing kids and future generations that this is normal.

This action... this passive or soft activism is to make it so kids become more accepting of those who are mentally ill to continue to be empowered that this mental break is normalized.

There is no morality or great civilization based upon genitals. Satisfying hunger and sex are two basic needs for animals on up. But this is beyond normal sex. This is the mutilation of one's self due to an anomaly in the mental capacity of the individual who insists that he or she is the opposite sex.

Drag Queen Story Hour is spreading across the land. There are several postings about it in this research project and many many more examples of it out there. Do your homework and see what's happening.
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