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Exclamation VIDEO: Misgendering Is A Hate Crime & Should Be Punished Criminally?!

VIDEO: Misgendering Is A Hate Crime & Should Be Punished Criminally?!

Excerpt: Journalist Caroline Farrow is being questioned by the police for being accused of tweeting misgendering comments. India Willoughby and Toby Young debate whether or not misgendering and using incorrect pronouns should be classed as a hate crime.

- youtube.com

When the state makes the freedom of speech no longer a right or where they add on penalties for not-politically-correct comments then that is when the state aims to manipulate The People with fear of imprisonment in order to shut down real debate and allow a social contagion to run its course in brainwashing more youth - trans ideology.

It is the state, the "progressives" who aim to break families and the natural identity of men and women. Breaking the most powerful unit, the family, allows the insertion of the new source of power - big government.

Remember this---> VIDEO: Man Pretending To Be Woman (Trans) Flips Over "Sir" Comment
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