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Old March 25th, 2021, 08:49 PM
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Default VIDEO: News Clip Of Biden Has Mics Added In - Fake Additions To News!

VIDEO: News Clip Of Biden Has Mics Added In - Fake Additions To News!

- YouTube.com

Pay attention at 55 seconds into the clip and watch Biden's hands. At 59 seconds his hands pass through the mic. The mic is added into the clip.


Is this to make it appear that the news outlets are more interested than they really are in what Biden has to say? He was supposedly elected with the most votes ever. More than Obama... and mics are being added into his news clips?

Please watch. There is other footage of this same clip that shows even more. Something is amiss. The Biden election was "off", he hasn't given a press conference in nearly 50 days and now we get fake mics added into his clip.

Remember, the important thing isn't this clip... it is if "they" are willing to manipulate this data then what/how are "they" manipulating the bigger, more important data that keeps America safe?

The other concern - wait until "they" start using deepfake technology in videos to make it appear that high ranking people are saying things that they haven't said at all.
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