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Default Greek Government Bans Unvaccinated People From Public Places

Greek Government Bans Unvaccinated People From Public Places

Excerpt: The biggest transgression, in the eyes of the protesters, was the government's decision to bar the unvaccinated from certain public spaces. They're also opposed to plans to immunize teenagers. The policy barring unvaccinated from bars, restaurants, theaters and other entertainment venues will take effect Friday and remain in place at least until August.

- zerohedge.com

This whole global mandate of shutting businesses down, banning humans from public spaces, opening up and then shutting down again and then demonizing those who choose to not get a questionable vaccine... it's maddening.

Why are vaccinated people so hateful against the unvaccinated. The vaccinated are protected. And what about masks? Masks used to be just fine. Now suddenly they are not.

I wonder if there will be blow-back or, like everything else, will everyone accept the censorship and the bannings and being forced to get vaccinated?

Will there be a person to stand up and say this has gone way too far and enough is enough?

The global unity on this between governments is amazing... like a test run for global authoritarian control... and it could get much worse.
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