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Exclamation VIDEO: Jim Jones, The Mass Murdering Pastor, Preached Socialism

VIDEO: Jim Jones, The Mass Murdering Pastor, Preached Socialism

Remember Jim Jones, the People's Temple and all the people who died drinking his Kool-Aid?

I watched a one hour documentary where he was slamming his fist onto a pulpit, screaming for socialism.

Not only did he preach socialism but he mandated communal life in order to keep his people isolated form the outside world.

He also thought the family unit was dangerous so he split up the families in his commune.

He also didn't want couples having sex and instead they were to save that energy for work

He once said that if he could keep his people poor and tired that they would never want to leave.

On a current scale this looks familiar... socialism is being preached by many politicians and groups today. The natural family unit is being replaced with LGBTQ groups and trans people. Some folks don't believe we should be making any babies and the system is squeezing people to the point that the middle class is shrinking.

Today our nation is turning into a larger version of the People's Temple.
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