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Old January 28th, 2021, 12:56 AM
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Default How Globalists View The Standard Human Being

The other day a thought came to mind as I surveyed the traffic on the freeway and the fact that each car had at least one "unique" human being inside.

As I surveyed the mass of cars and trucks I wondered how unique we really are. Yes, I believe that we all have an unlimited mind or the ability to tap deep within ourselves and create virtually anything... it just takes time and making it from one threshold to the next in order to make the goal happen, whatever it may be... from building a house to creating artificial intelligence. Humanity can do it all.

Anyway... if I were to place myself within the shoes of a globalist, a person aiming to consolidate a global supply chain, create universal basic income, create a global education system based on social engineering as opposed to the tools of invention (reading, writing, arithmetic and rhetoric)... or some other system of control over people and or resources on a planetary scale, how would I see the average human?

When separating myself from me and into that mentality it becomes easy to see how we are all not that much different in respect to the manufactured reality that is being placed over us. Let me explain.

We exist in a modern world... those of us in advanced societies, although many third world nations are getting plenty of modern technology added as well. Let's not kid ourselves. The advancement is far and deep across the globe today.

The majority of people pretty much have a limited amount of things in their lives. Let's break it down:

We live in a home (rented or owned)

We wear clothes. We try and keep up to date with our clothes as the fashion industry is constantly updating the styles of how people should appear.

We eat and drink. Being foodies and experiencing the best is a goal of many. Truly a desire to get consumed by.

We enjoy sex and some of us love while a growing group is simply watching pornography and distancing themselves from love and abstaining from being with the opposite sex or marriage.

We ride transportation, lease or own a car.

We read books although the numbers are declining rapidly.

We listen to talk radio and watch TV and those numbers are also declining.

We are online and those numbers are increasing rapidly. Social media is addictive and all consuming for many.

We are unemployed, work part-time, work full-time or own a business.

If we have kids we want them to graduate.

We attend church, temple or a mosque, etc. but those numbers are also declining rapidly.

We take vacations if we can afford it.

We pay bills and many of us go into debt trying to have more things/experiences than we can afford.

Those are the bulk of things that make up the average person's life.

Then you have the not-so-average person or the higher IQ individual who has a hobby or a profession that creates deeper meaning; such as a scientist, mathematician, physicist, astronomer, etc. who have the above things but seek out meaning from their joy/work as opposed to just owning something, making money, having sex, eating food, watching TV, and getting "liked" on social media.

They are the upper thinkers of society. This does not make them better but they are different.

Now as a globalist do you think it would be hard to influence all these average people to think in a certain way if the publishing houses, media, fashion, Hollywood is all controlled to lean a certain way? To push liberal ideology?

If I look at all those cars with all those people are they that much different from one another besides being registered as a democrat or a republican in the USA?

We as a species have and are forgetting our potential and becoming more average by the day by what is offered by the rulers of society. Our interests are narrowing down to what's on our smart phones as opposed to the philosophy of past leaders. Our attention spans are shrinking. We are being "triggered" easily. We are over medicated.

Do you think that it's that hard to steer society overall, the average person in a particular direction; such as to hate another group of people? Liberals hating conservatives because conservatives don't just open everything up... they want to preserve.

Everything around us began with a thought and now those built up industries are being ran in such a way to narrow mankind down, to consolidate us, to minimize us and to create an environment where we don't concern ourselves with private property and legacy or even define mom and dad as male and female but simply parent 1 and parent 2.

Is that hard to conceive? Yet it's here, now. Globalists look down on us as a slow social experiment to get us to let go of our own rights to self-protection of mind, body and spirit and we should just obey and not think as our range of thought and critical thinking is narrowed down. They choose what to publish, print, report on, share... when and how. We consume what they place in our head as truth.

Do you see? Do you see all those cars on the freeway? They are average. They are the reversion to the mean... mediocre. And that state of mind will only get worse.
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