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Old March 31st, 2021, 11:05 PM
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Exclamation The Dangers Of Universal Basic Income & Govt. Sanctioned Racism

We have read about some communities experimenting with Universal Basic Income. UBI is basically a stipend of money provided to the local citizenry as a way to keep them off the streets and under less economic hardship.

In essence it is dependency upon government handouts.

There are many issues with this but one glaring one is the following... the government can choose who to give UBI too. In other words it can ban entire groups of people from receiving UBI.

For example: If government supports CRT (Critical Race Theory and/or the 1619 Project) being taught in public schools... the teachings that America was built exclusively to be a slave nation and that white people are privileged just by having a white skin then this UBI can be targeted to help only black people... and it is.

In Oakland CA, the local government has begun a UBI program that discriminates against white people (Caucasians).

Read about that HERE!

This program aims to solve "racial injustice" yet it is excluding an entire group of people from it. That is racism by another name.

The abuse is occurring now. This is racism in order to crush or impede one group and assist another for dependence.

There is another example in the article where white farmers were excluded from $5 billion in aid while People of Color got it.

People of Color? White is a color. By not including white in that description activists and government have created the "other" or the enemy of People of Color. See how this works? White is alien or not connected to anyone else... an adversary.

These words and actions should be a reality check, not a warning.
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