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Old November 20th, 2021, 03:07 PM
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Exclamation America's Capitalism Will Continue To Be Manipulated To Implode

Up to today, in 2021, America and the world has seen several events happen in America as well as globally in order to break the freedom loving system of capitalism (today's government/corporate controlled corporatism).

Remember: capitalism is based upon the ownership of property (land, local resources/crops/farms, inventions, art, music, etc.). It is the exchange of these goods including food and mortgage/rent based upon agreed prices at the local level.

Today, now that corporations; such as Walmart, Amazon, Chase bank, Monsanto, Coca-Cola and many others own vast parts of the supply chain, prices are no longer agreed upon at a local level, they are dictated by those who control the markets/supply chains... hence why monopolies used to be illegal. But we find ourselves living in modern America and a world controlled by fewer and fewer local governments (globalists today) and corporations who have deep global alliances.

With that said, we have recently seen several occurrences or shots across the bow against The People; such as the 2008 financial meltdown in America of toxic, mortgage backed securities that hurt many working people, causing them to lose their homes. This occurred due to real-estate and banking loan greed that created a bubble which burst. The market was purposefully heated up to explode and to make it look like free people were irresponsible when in fact it's the system that created the entire occurrence.

Then we had covid-19 hit (engineered in China). Globally it spread and the consolidated media machine went into overdrive to create fear everywhere. Governments intentionally worked together and shuttered mom and pop businesses but allowed the big corporate chains to remain open as long as people complied by wearing a simple mask.

The actions by governments destroyed mom and pop businesses and enriched the corporate chains by billions. People lost their small businesses and employees were laid off and then at least in America the printing of dollars ramped up and trillions in spending bills were passed to create dependency upon the government for free people.

Without much of a choice, people became dependent, many happily in ignorance to this dependent future and others wanted to keep their freedom from becoming dependent.

Now, 2021 and America and other nations have massive inflation. Food, gasoline to get to work, property prices... everything has gone up 30% or more.

People are struggling and "leadership" in the form of globalist loving "progressives" make excuses like "people are just buying more" or "more is in demand"... meanwhile shipping is purposefully being limited to come in as product rots off-shore in containers waiting to be off-loaded someday.

America and it's capitalistic system has now been centralized enough to force people to comply or face economic coercion aka violence in slow motion. People are at the mercy of the "progressives" and the globalists as their nation of America is turned over to open border policies and people who want to destroy the freedom of capitalism (decentralization) for a global government (centralized).

If this can happen to America... imagine what can happen to all people everywhere if a global government takes over. It's very close. There will be no where to run and hide. There will only be submission or resistance.

This will continue. If one controls the levers of markets and policy then a shot need not be fired as long as the TV and the internet are creating entertainment... the "progressives" will break America to usher in a "better" government... global government. More powerful. More invasive. More controlling. More greedy. More censoring of conservative thought. More brutal on political dissidents. More uncaring. Less options.

This is the future.
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