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Default Intentional Dynamic System Supposition

Assessing the main page of this project, about twenty-five subjects have been identified that have either been attacked, weaponized or both to knowingly or unknowingly promote today's version of globalization.

There are more subjects too; such as the sale and abuse of street drugs where profits fund entities illegally, justifying a massive police presence.

The twenty-five fields chosen demonstrate how one arena of life can affect another. The field of street drugs has taken a backseat for now.

The point is that each prong can be tracked upon a linear line, similar to a timeline but know that life isn't linear, it's a grid.

An example would be LGBTQ activists harassing elementary school staff for not teaching about the LGBTQ lifestyle as other schools are.

It turns out that there are government officials involved in pushing the LGBTQ agenda upon the elementary school curriculum too.

The three fields, LGBTQ activism, the education system and government politicians don't exist within a vacuum. Two of them, the education system and politicians have coexisted for decades where politicians decide how much funding a school system will receive.

It wasn't until recently that politicians mandated LGBTQ curriculum be taught in elementary schools.

On their own, each field rests upon a linear pattern as it pushes forward into the future but as each gets involved with another, it becomes a grid of lines, shooting up, down or diagonally as opposed to remaining perfectly linear, unaffected. Within this grid, lines of connection via influence, pressure or even greed changes what was, into what shall be.

This is a dynamic system. A system of parts that influence one another, similar to the interactions within the human body.

It is an approach to understanding the nonlinear behavior of complex systems over time using stocks, flows, internal feedback loops, table functions and time delays.

System dynamics (assessing the dynamic system) is a methodology and mathematical modeling technique to frame, understand, and discuss complex issues and problems. Originally developed in the 1950s to help corporate managers improve their understanding of industrial processes, SD is currently being used throughout the public and private sector for policy analysis and design.

As time began and mankind arose to invent (e.g. the Renaissance period) many of these facets were linear. Western thinking was based on logic, science and moving forward as opposed to up or down, not mixing with other fields.

As men and women began to know of one another inventions and philosophies these linear movements (fields) began to seek one another out, hence the grid, one field affecting another transpired because of logic and the desire to know more.

Eventually intent was placed upon particular subjects... the intent to introduce trans ideology into the elementary classroom... one area effecting another... the grid of this large dynamic system, life, being changed through intent and a rearranging of this grid - life itself.

Life makes up many patterns, predictable, from the birth of salmon to the seasons of the year all being affected by the other. This is a natural, formulaic cycle where intent does not exist. It just is.

Mankind was a basic species and now modern man exists today, exploring multiple fields. Now we have a growing grid where intent and an agenda is prodding one or even many fields upon another in what could be called a global experiment.

In the end the problem is that one of two things may occur:

1.) Fields connected via the grid can fail and die due to intent (knowingly or unknowingly), breaking other connections within this grid and a catastrophe may accelerate. This cannot be predicted until it's too late because individual viewpoints in the future will have been morphed into a hive-like mentality of dependency upon those doing the experimenting.

2.) The spaces between each linear field will eventually have so many connections, grid lines, that there will be zero space left to add more fields, ultimately turning the grid of life into one dark square where no voids or room exists for spacing between one field or another... everything becomes one, unidentifiable from the other. This presupposes a flat or one dimensional existence but remember that three dimensions can be filled as well (e.g. a cup wrapped up in a grid).

In either case "too much" becomes a problem as the fields of life and mankind will have become so dependent upon this manufactured reality, this grid, he won't have the tools to survive on his own due to the dependency upon the grid created for or against him.

This is a simplistic explanation of linear, to grid, to disaster on many levels. Know that globalization and the intent behind it is not healthy for the grid of life, this natural dynamic system if taken beyond the bounds of hard set rules; such as the destruction of the natural relationship between men and women and ultimately family will break.

The human mind is unlimited in scope but we are also physical beings for a reason. We have discovered physical rules as set by nature. If we keep messing with the grid in order to see how much it/life can take... we are in for trouble because the overall intent of those doing the experimenting is not positive. It is a lust for control and power.
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