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Default Government & Large Corporations Profiting From Activism While Wrecking Nations

Saw an interesting tweet about "progressive minority-preying" utilizing the #StopAsianHate hashtag.

The Asian Hate campaign was geared towards Caucasian people aka white people. The intent was to blame "white supremacy" for the violence against Asians in America, supposedly related to Covid-19 coming from the Chinese lab in Wuhan.

The narrative fell apart as many people of all colors and backgrounds exposed the truth. Asians are preyed upon by hardened black people in low income neighborhoods. White people aren't running around smashing Asians... the two groups are marrying one another, integrating well and see the world from a civilized perspective because they come from ancient, well-ran civilizations themselves.

Asians, especially the Chinese have some of the highest IQ's in the world.

The point is that the "progressives" who aim to control life made a huge effort to blame the Asian Hate on white people and it didn't work.

"Progressive" policies, especially in schools today discriminate against high achievement and great test scores... against Asians and white kids.

Examples... Critical Race Theory (Caucasian Hate) Being Taught Across Colleges - New Site Tracks

"Progressives" Been Attacking Caucasians & Now Targeting Asians. Here's Why.

The true hate is coming from "progressives" or neo-communists hiding in the costume of protecting minorities. It's a lie.

President Biden supports teaching Critical Race Theory in schools to children. We've gone beyond teaching LGBTQ lifestyles in school (which is bad enough) to now separating POC (people of color) from white... division that pretends to be unification when it simply divides people based on skin color and achievement in inventions, math, science, etc.

The hate and the setting up of Caucasians doesn't stop there. Government and its unionized public school teachers are in strong favor but we also have the flip-side - large corporations are huge supporters of "progressive" activism.

An example of many is Nike. When Colin Kaepernick began to take a knee against "police brutality" and then the narrative would change on why he would take a knee at pro football games... Nike jumped onboard like a leech.

The problem is that Nike doesn't care. They created special items to purchase to support this disrespect to the American flag, the American anthem and America in general. They profited off of the dissent... Nike, the company that dumped American workers for third world nations and cheap, slave labor... the perfect example of capitalism being abused.

When government and many global corporations aim to divide a nation it's not because they want a better country... it's to make money (grow in financial power) and spread the divisive message across the planet to all sovereign nations in order to create chaos and out of chaos... control of the global supply chain, the markets, media, influence... all of it.

This face of unity is a facade. It is the face of the devil... the Father of Lies.

Today many nations are competing for skilled labor as local birthrates drop. Sovereign nations are creating more benefits to lure skilled labor away from other countries. This has ramped the war against nationalism up as more skilled workers bite, becoming digital nomads... traveling the world and profiting and not needing their home country.

This trend has grown and "progressive" governments and profit hungry corporations are happy to denigrate America and others in the hopes of creating a globalized government someday. It's a trend that is not only being profited from but also used to wreck countries.

Government that denigrates its own people is horrible. Corporations that do the same and profit from it are the government's lap dog. The enemies of citizens is right here in the backyard and yet it is still gotten away with.
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