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Default The Power & Nature Of The Individual Mind Vs. The Limited Construct Of Globalization

First let's define the terms mind and globalization in a simple way that encompasses the breadth but is narrow enough to retain complexity.

Mind: (in a human or other conscious being) the element, part, substance, or process that reasons, thinks, feels, wills, perceives, judges, etc.

Globalization: worldwide integration and development.

- dictionary.com

In my estimation there isn't a war occurring for freedom, for ideas or for "leading" humanity, there is a centuries old hunt and every individual mind is the prey to be hunted down, manipulated and turned against its own user or person.

Minds across the world, rich, poor, any color, creed, race or sex are being targeted by a global predator... an invader that is made up of what we suppose are human beings yet have shaken off their own individual identities of race, color, creed and sometimes sexual identity to be a part of a power-hungry group that knows no borders or national sovereignty and in fact sees national sovereignty as a problem to the growth of the ideology and physical manifestation of globalization.

You cannot have free minds in existence while living in a globalized world that regulates speech, how one thinks, who one should vote for and not vote for, what one eats or consumes, how much wealth one may be allowed to have, etc. Those two realities move against one another, not for. This is the essence of friction as opposed to complimenting one another because the nature of this wickedness is the hunt and manipulation through deception as opposed to the empowerment of free, unlimited minds.

For example, in the eyes of the "progressive" or the neo-communist wealth and materialism is not okay. Having just enough is the goal. Having more or too much as defined by the "progressive" type is not okay. We see this today with the regulation and taxation of cigarettes, soda, red meat and if someone makes "too much" money. There are penalties in the form of higher fees and taxation for any of these items as a simple example and certainly not limited to those examples.

This is the ratcheting down upon people's freedoms. This is the "teaching moment" where "progressives" aim to indoctrinate all into an ideology that "less is more" and "typical more is bad". Therefore don't desire more. More is greed no matter what as opposed to free expression.

Here lies the problem for the "progressive". The other side of the spectrum is the individual mind. As the most intelligent species on Earth we still don't know why we are conscious. As we stand and look around, at everything in our house to modern civilization and on up to the stars where the International Space Station is... all of that came from an unknown place to ultimately form within the unlimited, human mind. And from the unlimited mind ideas flow forth. As ideas flow forth they are then put to paper to be designed by the physical instrument that surrounds and encases the unlimited mind, the physical body. Using arms and hands ideas are written and then built from material on Earth, humanity's physical home.

The mind naturally, as if programmed, focuses on ideas and material to design and build material things. Materialism is in humanity's DNA. The physical body, regardless of the mind, is designed to move, not stay still. It is made of cells, bone and muscle, etc. and it is the vehicle that the mind utilizes to create stuff within this world, this dimension.

We as a species, humans are evolved or made to create from an endless amount of concepts that come forth from... somewhere else or simply ourselves.

Globalists through their actions and hopes aim to dumb down and limit people's unlimited mind. Most people don't see this targeting. They only see that globalists want to provide for them by handing out free money and to make things easier. That is the toxin. To kill the individual mind, the unlimited power of it with fake kindness willed with the ambition to make the world one when that is the most dangerous thing. The cry for diversity is the secret to destroying diversity of people and thoughts.

Remember the movie, Lord of the Rings? Remember when the elf, Galadriel told Frodo, "To be the ring bearer is to be alone?"

That line illuminated the fact to the power of the ring and that since he had it, he was the ring bearer, only he could make the decision when the time came to destroy the ring of power so no one else, good or evil, could take the ring for themselves and enslave Middle Earth. It was up to him to not only hide and protect that power but to also destroy it... his burden to bear... alone.

The dark forces in that movie had one target. The ring. All they had to do was find it, kill Frodo and take the ring for their ruler, Sauron who would rule the world through it, enslaving all.

Today, in this world, we each bear a powerful ring, alone. Our unlimited mind and all the incredible potential that it has to offer us, others and the planet is within each of us... hence those who target each of us... globalists, aim to rule us.

The beauty is that instead of taking the one ring, the dark side has to turn every person's mind against him or herself. Seven billion plus people across the planet must be manipulated to believe in the policies and culture that globalists design and manufacture for them.

The scary thing is that unlike in Lord of the Rings where there was no mass hypnosis occurring, there is today... through the mediums of radio, television, music, books, Hollywood movies, social media and smart devices (AI) within our homes; such as Amazon's Alexa.

The information we receive is being manipulated before it reaches us with a goal behind it... to dumb us down and make us not rely upon or believe in ourselves of the incredible power that each one of us harnesses within... something greater than any ring of power... an all powerful, unlimited mind that can ultimately create any scenario. We are being targeted and blinded to this fact on purpose.

An empowered people who sees and knows the enemy for what it is... an empowered people who know from experience of how blind they have been, of how manipulated they have been and have peeled the false self away and can truly see that globalists will and are slowly destroying all of humanity's potential to be free to chose any life as opposed to having their life chosen for them... highly regulated and rife with propaganda to keep the mind restrained... this could be the future.

How will you tap into your mind if it comes to the point where the foods we eat and the products we use are embedded with technology that suppresses our unlimited potential? This is happening now.

Mental sharpness, IQ, physical strength, testosterone levels, overall health, diversity of thought/opinion/news... all of this is weakening while what is growing?

Mental dullness, disease, anger, being diagnosed as mentally ill, flabby bodies, estrogen levels, censorship, impotence, addictions, homelessness, unemployment, shuttered churches, etc.

Good and strong is going away, labeled as toxic while the bad and weak is moving in, labeled as politically correct and equal.

Don't fall for it.
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