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Default How The Term GENDER Has Been Hijacked

How The Term GENDER Has Been Hijacked

: Gender (meaning biological sexual identity) is not an artificial construct which changes as cultural attitudes change. It is an observable natural reality which remains constant due to biological causes. Causes such as DNA, hormones, body structure, and thought patterns, for example, which are profoundly different between the two “binary” biological genders which encompass 99% of the human population.

The artificial social construct comes into play in the predominant cultural attitudes about this observable natural reality. People believe the observable natural reality doesn’t exist as a result of having relinquished their perceptive capacity to “consensus thinking”, and thus not really seeing for themselves (or seeing but not allowing themselves to accept what they see).

- quora.com

In other words the term gender was hijacked in order to make a mental illness seem normal and is now being normalized via Hollywood, the press and government policies (big, influential money/power); such as the Canadian govt. policy to mandate/legislate that people call "transgender" people by their desired pronoun or face penalties for hurting their feelings. In other words - keep the delusion going.

Gender is male and female. Now it is whatever one wants to be at that given moment in time. It is not fluid. Gender is fixed in biology and nature. Just because one can add or take away sexual parts via surgery and inject hormones does not make one into the opposite gender. That is self-mutilation based upon a delusion.
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