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Exclamation LGBTQ Ideology Being Promoted By Government Entities!!!

Some US Embassies Still Hoisting Rainbow Flags Despite Advisory From Washington

Excerpt: Since the State Department began rejecting all embassy requests to hoist rainbow flags outside the mission buildings during Gay Pride Month this year, some U.S. diplomats have been finding ways to defy, or at least get around, the new policy.

- ctpost.com

Obama Admin Flaunts Rainbow White House After Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Excerpt: Followers of Barack Obamaís White House social media accounts got an extra treat Friday after the Supreme Court declared a constitutional right to same-sex marriage.
During a series of celebratory tweets, the official accounts changed their profile photos to an illustration of the White House covered in LGBT pride rainbow colors.

- breitbart.com

SFPD Uses Tax Dollars To Paint Police Vehicles In Rainbow Gay Pride Colors

Excerpt: The SFPD is the first law enforcement agency in the US to introduce the patches, which are rainbow-patterned versions of the departmentís signature blue and gold patch. Officers are encouraged (but not required) to wear them on their shoulders for the month of June.

- pinknews.co.uk

The examples above are only but a few where both local and federal government officials are using tax dollars to spread the LGBTQ ideology across communities and the world.

What other ideology do politicians so much besides the love of money? Can you imagine the government flying the straight pride flag?

As stated before, homosexuals can do what they want behind closed doors but it's now become something that is being mandated for all people to accept as normal behavior, to be taught to children in schools, watched on TV and endorsed by governments. This is an ideology aimed at making males submissive, to divide men and women into factions from one another, to redefine what was the natural family, etc..
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