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Default Women Becoming Obsolete On Several Levels?

Women Becoming Obsolete On Several Levels?

Excerpt: What many considered a recession-proof occupation has been hit by tech disruption and its implicit deflationary pressure as RT reports that human prostitutes in the beautiful and civilized Swiss city of Lucerne are facing a serious squeeze (and not in a good way) as, at half the cost their human counterparts, hard-up punters prefer sex worker robots at a Swiss brothel.

- zerohedge.com

Mother No Longer A Gender Specific Term, UK Govt. Lawyers Claim

Excerpt: Mother is no longer a gender-specific term that applies only to women, lawyers on behalf of the Government have said.

A barrister representing the Department of Health made the remarks at a High Court hearing over whether a transgender man can be recognised as a “father” on his child’s birth certificate.

The man, who was born a woman and is identifiable only as TT for legal reasons, became pregnant after undergoing successful fertility treatment despite already being legally recognised as a man.

- telegraph.co.uk

VIDEO: Female High School Sports Being Washed Away By Trans Athletes

Watch the video. There is a trend of destroying women... replacing them as redefined beings who can't compete with sex doll prostitutes... can't be coined under the natural/biological term "mother" and who now compete in their own sports against trans women or weak males who pretend to be women.

See how these unleashed mental illnesses are destroying women? Women... our daughters, sisters, girlfriends, wives, best friends... all being erased slowly and they need men to help get their natural lives back.

Men and women... stand up!
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