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Default Transsexual Agenda In United Nations - Not PC To Say Husband Or Wife!

Transsexual Agenda In United Nations - Not PC To Say Husband Or Wife!

Excerpt: The United Nations has put out a tweet asserting that people shouldn’t use politically incorrect terms like “boyfriend,” “girlfriend,” “husband” and “wife” in order to “help create a more equal world.”

“What you say matters. Help create a more equal world by using gender-neutral language if you’re unsure about someone’s gender or are referring to a group,” states the tweet.

- summit.news

It's odd how "progressives" and globalists are trying to erase the use of terms like mom and dad, husband and wife and male and female yet use terms like UN Women to solidify support for "gender equality" which seems like code for the destruction of male and female where both genders merge to create a unisex being... the goal of the rabid trans movement.

It's as if these groups are trying to empower women while at the same time undermine them, utilizing the theme that women are oppressed everywhere to seem to be on their side yet the underlying notion is to actually destroy women while being quite vocal about the evils of the male oppressor.

Remember this---> Sefton Council In UK Takes Down Flags Supporting "Women" Due To Insult To Trans

This too---> Women Becoming Obsolete On Several Levels?

And this---> VIDEO: Lesbian, Julia Beck Explains How The Trans Ideology Is Anti-Female In Reality
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