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Default 5 Employees Quit Trans Clinic Over Experiments Being Done On Kids!!!

5 Employees Quit Trans Clinic Over Experiments Being Done On Kids!!!

Excerpt: The five former clinicians at the Gender Identity Development Service, which is based in London and Leeds, expressed their concerns to the British daily The Times. Each of them was part of a team charged with deciding whether patients as young as three should be prescribed hormone blockers to prevent the onset of puberty. The number of child referrals to GIDS skyrocketed from 94 in 2010 to 2,519 in 2018.

The clinicians said they were concerned that the root causes of some of the children’s gender dysphoria were not being ascertained carefully enough before diagnosis and that they sometimes felt pressured to prescribe the treatment against their better judgment.

Over the past three years, at least 18 staff are have reportedly quit the clinic over similar fears of haphazard diagnoses of child gender dysphoria.

- nationalreview.com

Do you see what's going on here? Not only are the mental health powers "normalizing" the mental illness of gender dysphoria, they are stuffing these kids full of sex change drugs without giving the proper diagnosis in the first place.

What is going on is similar to when doctors were handing out diagnoses of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) to young boys simply because the boys were being boys... rambunctious and active... normal boys.

Now, today, the new fad of abuse is ruining children with the "progressive" trans ideology and making kids into something they aren't.

This abuse of power must be prosecuted and these kids must be protected by rational parents. Clearly these parents aren't paying attention and have just taken the easy road... allowing government to decide for them via trans propaganda and experimentation.

The attack on male energy continues, just in a new form. The mental health industry has gone from subduing boys energy to transforming them into females.
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