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Default The Unnatural State Of Transgender Experiments On Kids

The Unnatural State Of Transgender Experiments On Kids

Excerpt: Dr. Laidlaw presented perhaps the best case against parents and their children rushing to the conclusion that their children need puberty blockers, for example, or extreme doses of hormones, when he discussed what happens when a person is diagnosed with cancer.

“If a child or somebody you knew had cancer, would you want pathology results, would you want imaging to prove [the condition] before you give harmful chemotherapeutics,” he asked. Yet we are allowing children and adolescents to undergo irreversible chemical and surgical procedures without being able to see any evidence that shows the presence of ‘the opposite sex’ in the patient.

The article is comprehensive in the steps of trans- formation:

1.) Toddler boy says he's a girl

2.) Taken to physician who is mandated to follow the boy's lead, not the parents (affirmative care)

3.) Encouraged to give your boy a girl's name, dress him in girl's clothes and call him your daughter

4.) At 12 years old to take puberty blockers/hormone pills

5.) Get surgery done to cut penis off and create a fake vagina and assess breast growth

- strategic-culture.org

All this is done in the toddler years on up.

This is a medical and mental health nightmare that is being forced upon natural people.
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