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Default The Destruction Of Women Continues As Trans Wins NCAA Track Event

The Destruction Of Women Continues As Trans Wins NCAA Track Event

Excerpt: Cece Telfer. a biological male (transgender), won the women’s 400 meter hurdles on Saturday night and beat the second place competitor by over a full second.

Two biological males have also crushed female competitors in high school track in Connecticut, ultimately destroying scholarship opportunities for young girls.

- thegatewaypundit.com

When are the officials in the NCAA going to stop this nonsense? Stop the endorsing of the mentally ill to harm their own bodies through hormone treatments and surgeries to wreck their natural bodies?

When will the officials see how women's sports are being destroyed by men morphing into women?

No one has guts to stand up for their daughters and make sure that their sports field is fair, just and for women only... not men who are trying to play as women.

This is the weakening of males and the destruction of our awesome women.
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